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2024-03-31Twitter (@fr0gger)Thomas Roccia
Tweet with visual summary of the execution flow
2023-11-21TrellixCiana Driscoll, Ernesto Fernández Provecho, Pham Duy Phuc, Vinoo Thomas
The Continued Evolution of the DarkGate Malware-as-a-Service
2023-08-31Rapid7 LabsEvan McCann, Natalie Zargarov, Thomas Elkins, Tyler McGraw
Fake Update Utilizes New IDAT Loader To Execute StealC and Lumma Infostealers
FAKEUPDATES Amadey HijackLoader Lumma Stealer SectopRAT
2023-08-30ForbesThomas Brewster
A Fake Signal App Was Planted On Google Play By China-Linked Hackers
2023-05-14unfinished.bikeThomas Strömberg
Fun with the new bpfdoor (2023)
2023-05-10Github (MythicAgents)Cody Thomas
Github Repository for Nimplant
2023-05-10Github (MythicAgents)Cody Thomas
Github Repository for Poseidon
Poseidon Poseidon
2023-03-30VolexityAnkur Saini, Callum Roxan, Charlie Gardner, Paul Rascagnères, Steven Adair, Thomas Lancaster
3CX Supply Chain Compromise Leads to ICONIC Incident
3CX Backdoor IconicStealer
2023-01-10VolexityMatthew Meltzer, Robert Jan Mora, Sean Koessel, Steven Adair, Thomas Lancaster
Active Exploitation of Two Zero-Day Vulnerabilities in Ivanti Connect Secure VPN
2022-12-05AccenturePaul Mansfield, Thomas Willkan
Popularity spikes for information stealer malware on the dark web
MetaStealer Rhadamanthys
2022-11-21BSides SydneyThomas Roccia
X-Ray of Malware Evasion Techniques - Analysis, Dissection, Cure?
2022-06-15VolexitySteven Adair, Thomas Lancaster, Volexity Threat Research
DriftingCloud: Zero-Day Sophos Firewall Exploitation and an Insidious Breach
pupy Sliver DriftingCloud
2022-03-22VolexityDamien Cash, Steven Adair, Thomas Lancaster
Storm Cloud on the Horizon: GIMMICK Malware Strikes at macOS
2022-02-25CrowdStrikeAdrian Liviu Arsene, Farid Hendi, william thomas
CrowdStrike Falcon Protects from New Wiper Malware Used in Ukraine Cyberattacks
2022-02-25EnglertOneThomas Englert
Reverse Engineering | Hermetic Wiper
2022-02-25Twitter (@fr0gger)Thomas Roccia
Tweets with an overview of HermeticWiper
2022-02-03VolexitySteven Adair, Thomas Lancaster
Operation EmailThief: Active Exploitation of Zero-day XSS Vulnerability in Zimbra
2021-12-10Mississippi State UniversityDeMarcus M. Thomas Sr.
Detecting malware in memory with memory object relationships
2021-11-17CrowdStrikeLiviu Arsene, Sarang Sonawane, Thomas Moses
Ransomware (R)evolution Plagues Organizations, But CrowdStrike Protection Never Wavers
2021-10-26cyjaxwilliam thomas
Mercenary APTs – An Exploration