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2023-11-06Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Assaf Dahan, Daniel Frank, Or Chechik, Tom Fakterman
Agonizing Serpens (Aka Agrius) Targeting the Israeli Higher Education and Tech Sectors
2023-10-31Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Daniel Frank, Tom Fakterman
Over the Kazuar’s Nest: Cracking Down on a Freshly Hatched Backdoor Used by Pensive Ursa (Aka Turla)
2022-03-01CybereasonOhav Peri, Tom Fakterman
Cybereason vs. BlackCat Ransomware
2022-02-01CybereasonTom Fakterman
StrifeWater RAT: Iranian APT Moses Staff Adds New Trojan to Ransomware Operations
StrifeWater RAT MosesStaff
2021-10-06CybereasonAssaf Dahan, Chen Erlich, Daniel Frank, Tom Fakterman
Operation GhostShell: Novel RAT Targets Global Aerospace and Telecoms Firms
ShellClient RAT
2021-08-03CybereasonAssaf Dahan, Daniel Frank, Lior Rochberger, Tom Fakterman
DeadRinger: Exposing Chinese Threat Actors Targeting Major Telcos
CHINACHOPPER Cobalt Strike MimiKatz Nebulae
2021-07-06CybereasonTom Fakterman
Cybereason vs. REvil Ransomware: The Kaseya Chronicles
2021-02-16CybereasonTom Fakterman
Cybereason vs. NetWalker Ransomware
2020-11-19CybereasonAssaf Dahan, Tom Fakterman
Cybereason vs. MedusaLocker Ransomware
2020-11-02CybereasonAssaf Dahan, Daniel Frank, Lior Rochberger, Tom Fakterman
Back to the Future: Inside the Kimsuky KGH Spyware Suite
BabyShark GoldDragon KGH_SPY Kimsuky
2020-09-03CybereasonTom Fakterman
No Rest for the Wicked: Evilnum Unleashes PyVil RAT