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2024-04-11Twitter (@embee_research)Embee_research
Tracking Malicious Infrastructure With DNS Records - Vultur Banking Trojan
2024-04-04Twitter (@embee_research)Embee_research
TLS Certificate For Threat Intelligence - Identifying MatanBuchus Domains Through Hardcoded Certificate Values
2024-04-01Twitter (@embee_research)Embee_research
Passive DNS For Phishing Link Analysis - Identifying 36 Latrodectus Domains With Historical Records and 302 Redirects
Unidentified 111 (Latrodectus)
2024-03-30Twitter (@embee_research)Embee_research
Uncovering APT Infrastructure with Passive DNS Pivoting
2024-03-27Twitter (@embee_research)Embee_research
Uncovering Malicious Infrastructure with DNS Pivoting
LokiBot XWorm
2024-02-26Twitter (@embee_research)Embee_research
Advanced CyberChef Techniques for Configuration Extraction - Detailed Walkthrough and Examples
NetSupportManager RAT
2023-12-20Twitter (@embee_research)Embee_research
Defeating Obfuscated Malware Scripts - Cobalt Strike
Cobalt Strike
2023-12-19Twitter (@embee_research)Embee_research
Free Ghidra Tutorials for Beginners
Cobalt Strike DarkGate
2023-12-08Twitter (@embee_research)Embee_research
Ghidra Basics - Manual Shellcode Analysis and C2 Extraction
Cobalt Strike
2023-12-06Twitter (@embee_research)Embee_research
Ghidra Basics - Identifying, Decoding and Fixing Encrypted Strings
2023-11-30Twitter (@embee_research)Embee_research
Advanced Threat Intel Queries - Catching 83 Qakbot Servers with Regex, Censys and TLS Certificates
2023-11-27Twitter (@embee_research)Embee_research
Building Threat Intel Queries Utilising Regex and TLS Certificates - (BianLian)
2023-11-26Twitter (@embee_research)Embee_research
Identifying Suspected PrivateLoader Servers with Censys
2023-11-22Twitter (@embee_research)Embee_research
Practical Queries for Malware Infrastructure - Part 3 (Advanced Examples)
BianLian Xtreme RAT NjRAT QakBot RedLine Stealer Remcos
2023-11-19Twitter (@embee_research)Embee_research
Combining Pivot Points to Identify Malware Infrastructure - Redline, Smokeloader and Cobalt Strike
Amadey Cobalt Strike RedLine Stealer SmokeLoader
2023-11-15Twitter (@embee_research)Embee_research
Identifying Simple Pivot Points in Malware Infrastructure - RisePro Stealer
RedLine Stealer RisePro
2023-11-06Twitter (@embee_research)Embee_research
Unpacking Malware With Hardware Breakpoints - Cobalt Strike
Cobalt Strike
2023-11-01Twitter (@embee_research)Embee_research
Malware Unpacking With Memory Dumps - Intermediate Methods (Pe-Sieve, Process Hacker, Hxd and Pe-bear)
2023-10-30Twitter (@embee_research)Embee_research
Unpacking .NET Malware With Process Hacker and Dnspy
2023-10-27Twitter (@embee_research)Embee_research
Remcos Downloader Analysis - Manual Deobfuscation of Visual Basic and Powershell