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2020-03-18RiskIQYonathan Klijnsma
Magecart Group 8 Blends into Adding To Their Growing List of Victims
2019-02-28RiskIQYonathan Klijnsma
Magecart Group 4: Never Gone, Always Advancing – Professionals In Cybercrime
2018-07-09RiskIQJordan Herman, Yonathan Klijnsma
Inside and Beyond Ticketmaster: The Many Breaches of Magecart
2018-01-23RiskIQYonathan Klijnsma
Espionage Campaign Leverages Spear Phishing, RATs Against Turkish Defense Contractors
2018-01-16RiskIQYonathan Klijnsma
First Activities of Cobalt Group in 2018: Spear Phishing Russian Banks
2017-12-20RiskIQYonathan Klijnsma
Mining Insights: Infrastructure Analysis of Lazarus Group Cyber Attacks on the Cryptocurrency Industry
2017-11-28RiskIQYonathan Klijnsma
Gaffe Reveals Full List of Targets in Spear Phishing Attack Using Cobalt Strike Against Financial Institutions
2017-11-02RiskIQYonathan Klijnsma
New Insights into Energetic Bear’s Watering Hole Cyber Attacks on Turkish Critical Infrastructure
2017-10-26RiskIQYonathan Klijnsma
New htpRAT Gives Complete Remote Control Capabilities to Chinese Cyber Threat Actors
2017-10-25RiskIQYonathan Klijnsma
Down the Rabbit Hole: Tracking the BadRabbit Ransomware to a Long Ongoing Campaign of Target Selection
2016-05-17Fox-ITDanny Heppener, Erik de Jong, Krijn de Mik, Lennart Haagsma, Maarten van Dantzig, Martin van Hensbergen, Mitchel Sahertian, Yonathan Klijnsma, Yun Zheng Hu
Mofang: A politically motivated information stealing adversary
Shim RAT Mofang
2015-11-300x3A SecurityYonathan Klijnsma
Inside Braviax/FakeRean: An analysis and history of a FakeAV family