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aka: Hive0127

UNC2565 is a threat group that has used the GOOTLOADER downloader to deliver Cobalt Strike BEACON. These intrusions have stemmed from victims accessing malicious websites that use SEO techniques to improve Google search rankings. After obtaining a foothold in the environment, UNC2565 has conducted reconnaissance and credential harvesting activity using common tools such as BLOODHOUND and KERBEROAST. UNC2565's motivations are currently unknown but overlaps with activity that has led to SODINOKIBI ransomware. This suggests that the threat group may be financially motivated.

Associated Families

There are currently no families associated with this actor.

New Gootloader Variant “GootBot” Changes the Game in Malware Tactics
GootLoader Cobalt Strike UNC2565
2023-11-06Security IntelligenceGolo Mühr, Ole Villadsen
GootBot – Gootloader’s new approach to post-exploitation
GootLoader UNC2565
2023-01-26MandiantAndy Morales, Govand Sinjari
Welcome to Goot Camp: Tracking the Evolution of GOOTLOADER Operations
GootLoader UNC2565

Credits: MISP Project