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aka: SixLittleMonkeys

Check Point Research discovered a new campaign against the Mongolian public sector, which takes advantage of the current Coronavirus scare, in order to deliver a previously unknown malware implant to the target. A closer look at this campaign allowed us to tie it to other operations which were carried out by the same anonymous group, dating back to at least 2016. Over the years, these operations targeted different sectors in multiple countries, such as Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.

Associated Families

There are currently no families associated with this actor.

2021-10-26Kaspersky LabsGReAT
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Vicious Panda
2021-03-10ESET ResearchMathieu Tartare, Matthieu Faou, Thomas Dupuy
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2020-05-14Avast DecodedLuigino Camastra
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Vicious Panda
2017-11-25Kaspersky LabsAlexey Shulmin, Dmitry Karasovsky, Vasily Berdnikov
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2017-09-25Kaspersky LabsAlexey Shulmin, Dmitry Karasovsky, Vasily Berdnikov
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Credits: MISP Project