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Actor(s): APT41

BIOPASS RAT is a malware family which targets online gambling companies in China by leveraging a watering hole attack. This Remote Access Trojan (RAT) is unique in that it leverages the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) framework to monitor the user's screen.

2021-07-07Trend MicroJoseph C Chen, Kenney Lu, Jaromír Hořejší, Gloria Chen
@online{chen:20210707:biopass:88dcdc2, author = {Joseph C Chen and Kenney Lu and Jaromír Hořejší and Gloria Chen}, title = {{BIOPASS RAT: New Malware Sniffs Victims via Live Streaming}}, date = {2021-07-07}, organization = {Trend Micro}, url = {}, language = {English}, urldate = {2021-07-19} } BIOPASS RAT: New Malware Sniffs Victims via Live Streaming
BIOPASS Cobalt Strike Derusbi

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