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HTTP(S) uploader

Actor(s): Lazarus Group

The HTTP(S) uploader is a Lazarus tool responsible for data exfiltration, by using the HTTP or HTTPS protocols.

It accepts up to 10 command line parameters: a 29-byte decryption key, a C&C for data exfiltration, the name of a local RAR split volume, the name of the multivolume archive on the server side, the size of a RAR split (max 200,000 kB), the starting index of a split, the ending index of a split, and the switch -p with a proxy IP address and port

2022-09-30ESET ResearchPeter Kálnai
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2021-02-25Kaspersky LabsVyacheslav Kopeytsev, Seongsu Park
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HTTP(S) uploader LPEClient Volgmer
2020-12-15HvS-Consulting AGHvS-Consulting AG
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BLINDINGCAN HTTP(S) uploader MimiKatz

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