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2022-07-29RiskIQJordan Herman
Falling Into a Nest of Vipers or: "Why'd it have to be snakes?" (Microsoft Threat Intelligence Brief)
2022-06-14RiskIQJordan Herman
RiskIQ: Identifying BumbleBee Command and Control Servers
2022-01-14RiskIQJordan Herman
RiskIQ: Unique SSL Certificates and JARM Hash Connected to Emotet and Dridex C2 Servers
Dridex Emotet
2021-12-13RiskIQJordan Herman
RiskIQ: Connections between Nanocore, Netwire, and AsyncRAT and Vjw0rm dynamic DNS C2 infrastructure
AsyncRAT Nanocore RAT NetWire RC Vjw0rm
2021-12-01RiskIQJordan Herman
Bulletproof Hosting Services: Investigating Shinjiru Technology Sdn Bhd
2021-10-06zimperiumJordan Herman
Malware Distribution with Mana Tools
Agent Tesla Azorult
2021-09-22RiskIQJordan Herman, Kelsey Clapp
The Bom Skimmer and MageCart Group 7
2021-08-25RiskIQJordan Herman
EITest: Linkages to the Ongoing Malware Delivery Campaign Referred to as "Gootloader"
2021-07-28RiskIQJennifer Grob, Jordan Herman
Use of XAMPP Web Component to Identify Agent Tesla Infrastructure
Agent Tesla
2021-07-14RiskIQJordan Herman
Bulletproof Hosting Services: Investigating Media Land LLC, Part 2
2021-06-30RiskIQJennifer Grob, Jordan Herman
Bulletproof Hosting Services: Investigating Media Land LLC
2021-06-16RiskIQJordan Herman
Bit2Check: Investigating Actors in the Carding Space
2021-05-26RiskIQJordan Herman
The MobileInter Skimmer: Hosted by Google, Hiding in Images
2021-04-22RiskIQAdam Castleman, Jordan Herman
Stealing All Your Information For Years With Shadow Z118 PayPal Phish Kits
2021-04-07RiskIQAdam Castleman, Jordan Herman
Yanbian Gang Malware Continues with Wide-Scale Distribution and C2
2021-02-24RiskIQJordan Herman
Turkey Dog: Cerberus and Anubis Banking Trojans Target Turkish Speakers
Anubis Cerberus
2021-01-14RiskIQJordan Herman
MediaLand: Magecart and Bulletproof Hosting
2020-12-16RiskIQCory Kennedy, Jordan Herman, Mia Ihm
Skimming a Little Off the Top: Meyhod’s Skimming Methods Hit Hairloss Specialists
2020-11-18RiskIQJordan Herman
The Grelos Skimmer: A New Variant
2020-11-11RiskIQJordan Herman
Magecart Group 12: End of Life Magento Sites Infested with Ants and Cockroaches
2020-09-02RiskIQJordan Herman
The Inter Skimmer Kit
magecart DreamBot TeslaCrypt
2020-06-09RiskIQJordan Herman
Misconfigured Amazon S3 Buckets Continue to be a Launchpad for Malicious Code
2020-02-07RiskIQJordan Herman
Magecart Group 12’s Latest: Actors Behind Attacks on Olympics Ticket Re-sellers Deftly Swapped Domains to Continue Campaign
2018-07-09RiskIQJordan Herman, Yonathan Klijnsma
Inside and Beyond Ticketmaster: The Many Breaches of Magecart