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From Clipboard to Compromise: A PowerShell Self-Pwn
DarkGate HijackLoader Lumma Stealer Matanbuchus NetSupportManager RAT TA571
2024-04-10ProofpointSelena Larson, Tommy Madjar
Security Brief: TA547 Targets German Organizations with Rhadamanthys Stealer
2024-04-04ProofpointProofpoint Threat Research Team, Team Cymru, TEAM CYMRU S2 THREAT RESEARCH
Latrodectus: This Spider Bytes Like Ice
IcedID Unidentified 111 (Latrodectus)
2024-03-21ProofpointProofpoint Threat Research Team
Security Brief: TA450 Uses Embedded Links in PDF Attachments in Latest Campaign
2024-03-04ProofpointKelsey Merriman, Selena Larson, Tommy Madjar
TA577’s Unusual Attack Chain Leads to NTLM Data Theft
2024-02-13ProofpointAxel F, Selena Larson
Bumblebee Buzzes Back in Black
2023-12-21ProofpointAxel F, Dusty Miller, Selena Larson, Tommy Madjar
BattleRoyal, DarkGate Cluster Spreads via Email and Fake Browser Updates
2023-12-05ProofpointCrista Giering, Greg Lesnewich, Proofpoint Threat Research Team
TA422’s Dedicated Exploitation Loop—the Same Week After Week
2023-11-14ProofpointJoshua Miller
TA402 Uses Complex IronWind Infection Chains to Target Middle East-Based Government Entities
IronWind TA402
2023-10-23ProofpointJared Peck
From Copacabana to Barcelona: The Cross-Continental Threat of Brazilian Banking Malware
Grandoreiro TA2725
2023-09-20ProofpointProofpoint Threat Research Team
Chinese Malware Appears in Earnest Across Cybercrime Threat Landscape
FatalRat PurpleFox ValleyRAT
2023-07-31ProofpointKelsey Merriman, Pim Trouerbach
Out of the Sandbox: WikiLoader Digs Sophisticated Evasion
ISFB WikiLoader
2023-07-14ProofpointThreat Insight
Tweets on Discovery of WikiLoader
2023-03-30ProofpointMichael Raggi, Proofpoint Threat Insight Team
Exploitation is a Dish Best Served Cold: Winter Vivern Uses Known Zimbra Vulnerability to Target Webmail Portals of NATO-Aligned Governments in Europe
Winter Vivern
2023-03-27ProofpointJoe Wise, Kelsey Merriman, Pim Trouerbach
Fork in the Ice: The New Era of IcedID
2023-03-07ProofpointZydeca Cass
Don’t Answer That! Russia-Aligned TA499 Beleaguers Targets with Video Call Requests
2023-02-26ProofpointAndrew Northern
TA569: SocGholish and Beyond
FAKEUPDATES RedLine Stealer solarmarker
2023-02-08ProofpointAxel F
Screentime: Sometimes It Feels Like Somebody's Watching Me
WasabiSeed TA866
2023-01-25ProofpointGreg Lesnewich, Proofpoint Threat Research Team
TA444: The APT Startup Aimed at Acquisition (of Your Funds)
CageyChameleon Lazarus Group TA444
2022-11-22ProofpointAlexander Rausch, Proofpoint Threat Research Team
Nighthawk: An Up-and-Coming Pentest Tool Likely to Gain Threat Actor Notice