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2022-10-05ZscalerAditya Sharma, Shatak Jain
Analysis of LilithBot Malware and Eternity Threat Group
Eternity Clipper Eternity Stealer Lilith
2022-09-21ZscalerRomain Dumont
Technical Analysis of Crytox Ransomware
2022-09-06ZscalerBrett Stone-Gross
The Ares Banking Trojan Learns Old Tricks: Adds the Defunct Qakbot DGA
Ares QakBot
2022-09-01ZscalerAtinderpal Singh, Brett Stone-Gross
No Honor Among Thieves - Prynt Stealer’s Backdoor Exposed
DarkEye Prynt Stealer WorldWind
2022-08-23ZscalerKaivalya Khursale, Mitesh Wani
Making victims pay, infostealer malwares mimick pirated-software download sites
RedLine Stealer
2022-08-18ZscalerNiraj Shivtarkar
Grandoreiro Banking Trojan with New TTPs Targeting Various Industry Verticals
2022-08-09ZscalerJagadeeswar Ramanukolanu, Sudeep Singh
AiTM phishing attack targeting enterprise users of Gmail
2022-08-04ZscalerStuti Chaturvedi
X-FILES Stealer Evolution - An Analysis and Comparison Study
X-Files Stealer
2022-08-02ZscalerJagadeeswar Ramanukolanu, Sudeep Singh
Large-Scale AiTM Attack targeting enterprise users of Microsoft email services
2022-08-01ZscalerAtinderpal Singh
Technical Analysis of Industrial Spy Ransomware
Industrial Spy
2022-07-29ZscalerSarthak Misraa
Raccoon Stealer v2: The Latest Generation of the Raccoon Family
Raccoon RecordBreaker
2022-07-12ZscalerAditya Sharma, Tarun Dewan
Rise in Qakbot attacks traced to evolving threat techniques
2022-06-27ZscalerSahil Antil, Sudeep Singh
Return of the Evilnum APT with updated TTPs and new targets
2022-06-17ZscalerKaivalya Khursale, Sudeep Singh
Resurgence of Voicemail-themed phishing attacks targeting key industry verticals in the US
2022-06-13ZscalerRomain Dumont
Technical Analysis of PureCrypter: A Fully-Functional Loader Distributing Remote Access Trojans and Information Stealers
404 Keylogger PureCrypter
2022-06-09ZscalerAvinash Kumar, Niraj Shivtarkar
Lyceum .NET DNS Backdoor
Lyceum .NET DNS Backdoor
2022-05-19ZscalerBrett Stone-Gross, Santiago Vicente, Sudeep Singh
Vidar distributed through backdoored Windows 11 downloads and abusing Telegram
2022-05-03ZscalerBrett Stone-Gross, Javier Vicente
Analysis of BlackByte Ransomware's Go-Based Variants
2022-04-28ZscalerBrett Stone-Gross, Dennis Schwarz
Peeking into PrivateLoader
2022-04-27ZscalerBrett Stone-Gross, Dennis Schwarz
Targeted attack on Thailand Pass customers delivers AsyncRAT