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2018-08-23ProofpointProofpoint Staff
New modular downloaders fingerprint systems - Part 2: AdvisorsBot
2018-08-16ProofpointProofpoint Staff
New modular downloaders fingerprint systems, prepare for more - Part 1: Marap
2018-07-30ProofpointProofpoint Staff
New version of AZORult stealer improves loading features, spreads alongside ransomware in new campaign
Azorult Hermes
2018-07-25ProofpointProofpoint Staff
Parasite HTTP RAT cooks up a stew of stealthy tricks
2018-07-24ProofpointProofpoint Staff
Kronos Reborn
2018-07-19ProofpointProofpoint Staff
TA505 Abusing SettingContent-ms within PDF files to Distribute FlawedAmmyy RAT
2018-05-31ProofpointProofpoint Staff
DanaBot - A new banking Trojan surfaces Down Under
2018-05-30ProofpointProofpoint Staff
Thief in the night: New Nocturnal Stealer grabs data on the cheap
Nocturnal Stealer
2018-05-24ProofpointProofpoint Staff
Phorpiex – A decade of spamming from the shadows
2018-03-07ProofpointProofpoint Staff
Leaked Ammyy Admin Source Code Turned into Malware
FlawedAmmyy QuantLoader
Smominru Monero mining botnet making millions for operators
MyKings Spreader Smominru
2018-01-29ProofpointDarien Huss
North Korea Bitten by Bitcoin Bug
2018-01-12ProofpointProofpoint Staff
Holiday lull? Not so much
Dridex Emotet GlobeImposter ISFB Necurs PandaBanker UrlZone NARWHAL SPIDER
2017-12-19ProofpointDarien Huss
North Korea Bitten by Bitcoin Bug: Financially motivated campaigns reveal new dimension of the Lazarus Group
Ghost RAT
2017-12-19ProofpointDarien Huss
North Korea Bitten by Bitcoin Bug
QUICKCAFE PowerSpritz Ghost RAT PowerRatankba
2017-12-14ProofpointProofpoint Staff
Zeus Panda Banking Trojan Targets Online Holiday Shoppers
2017-10-19ProofpointKafeine, Pierre T
APT28 racing to exploit CVE-2017-11292 Flash vulnerability before patches are deployed
2017-10-16ProofpointAxel F, Pierre T
Leviathan: Espionage actor spearphishes maritime and defense targets
NanHaiShu SeDll APT40
2017-09-27ProofpointProofpoint Staff
Threat Actor Profile: TA505, From Dridex to GlobeImposter
2017-08-25ProofpointDarien Huss, Matthew Mesa
Operation RAT Cook: Chinese APT actors use fake Game of Thrones leaks as lures
9002 RAT