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2019-12-20YoroiAntonio Farina, Antonio Pirozzi, Luca Mella
Unveiling JsOutProx: A New Enterprise Grade Implant
2019-09-24YoroiAntonio Farina, Luca Mella
APT or not APT? What's Behind the Aggah Campaign
2019-07-02YoroiAntonio Farina, Antonio Pirozzi, Luca Mella
LooCipher: The New Infernal Ransomware
2019-05-29YoroiAntonio Farina, Davide Testa, Luca Mella
TA505 is Expanding its Operations
2019-02-07YoroiAntonio Farina, Antonio Pirozzi, Davide Testa
Ursnif: Long Live the Steganography!
2019-01-11Cybaze-Yorio Z-LabAntonio Farina, Antonio Pirozzi, Luca Mella
The “AVE_MARIA” Malware
Ave Maria
2018-01-22YoroiAntonio Farina, Antonio Pirozzi, Luigi Martire
Operation EvilTraffic