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2022-07-06Trend MicroBren Matthew Ebriega, Ivan Nicole Chavez, Joshua Paul Ignacio, Monte de Jesus, Nathaniel Morales
Brand-New HavanaCrypt Ransomware Poses as Google Software Update App, Uses Microsoft Hosting Service IP Address as C&C Server
2022-01-18Trend MicroArianne Dela Cruz, Bren Matthew Ebriega, Don Ovid Ladores, Mary Yambao
New Ransomware Spotted: White Rabbit and Its Evasion Tactics
2022-01-14Trend MicroBren Matthew Ebriega
2020-11-20Trend MicroAbraham Camba, Bren Matthew Ebriega, Gilbert Sison
Weaponizing Open Source Software for Targeted Attacks
LaZagne Defray PlugX