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2023-08-29SecureworksCounter Threat Unit ResearchTeam
Law Enforcement Takes Down QakBot
2023-05-24SecureworksCounter Threat Unit ResearchTeam
Chinese Cyberespionage Group BRONZE SILHOUETTE Targets U.S. Government and Defense Organizations
Volt Typhoon
2023-05-16SecureworksCounter Threat Unit ResearchTeam
The Growing Threat from Infostealers
Graphiron GraphSteel Raccoon RedLine Stealer Rhadamanthys Taurus Stealer Vidar
2023-04-20SecureworksCounter Threat Unit ResearchTeam
Bumblebee Malware Distributed Via Trojanized Installer Downloads
BumbleBee Cobalt Strike
2022-09-14SecureworksCounter Threat Unit ResearchTeam
Opsec Mistakes Reveal COBALT MIRAGE Threat Actors
2022-09-08SecureworksCounter Threat Unit ResearchTeam
BRONZE PRESIDENT Targets Government Officials
2022-08-17SecureworksCounter Threat Unit ResearchTeam
DarkTortilla Malware Analysis
Agent Tesla AsyncRAT Cobalt Strike DarkTortilla Nanocore RAT RedLine Stealer
2022-06-23SecureworksCounter Threat Unit ResearchTeam
BRONZE STARLIGHT Ransomware Operations Use HUI Loader
ATOMSILO Cobalt Strike HUI Loader LockFile NightSky Pandora PlugX Quasar RAT Rook SodaMaster BRONZE STARLIGHT
2022-05-12SecureworksCounter Threat Unit ResearchTeam
COBALT MIRAGE Conducts Ransomware Operations in U.S.
CobaltMirage FRP APT35
2022-05-09SecureworksCounter Threat Unit ResearchTeam
REvil Development Adds Confidence About GOLD SOUTHFIELD Reemergence
2022-04-27SecureworksCounter Threat Unit ResearchTeam
BRONZE PRESIDENT Targets Russian Speakers with Updated PlugX
2022-04-21SecureworksCounter Threat Unit ResearchTeam
GOLD ULRICK Continues Conti Operations Despite Public Disclosures
Conti Conti
2022-04-05SecureworksCounter Threat Unit ResearchTeam
Azure Active Directory Exposes Internal Information
2022-03-23SecureworksCounter Threat Unit ResearchTeam
GOLD ULRICK Leaks Reveal Organizational Structure and Relationships
Conti Emotet IcedID TrickBot
2022-03-23SecureworksCounter Threat Unit ResearchTeam
Threat Intelligence Executive Report Volume 2022, Number 2
Conti Emotet IcedID TrickBot
2022-03-08SecureworksCounter Threat Unit ResearchTeam
Excel Add-ins Deliver JSSLoader Malware
2022-03-02SecureworksCounter Threat Unit ResearchTeam
Domains Linked to Phishing Attacks Targeting Ukraine
2022-02-25SecureworksCounter Threat Unit ResearchTeam
Disruptive HermeticWiper Attacks Targeting Ukrainian Organizations
2022-02-15SecureworksCounter Threat Unit ResearchTeam
ShadowPad Malware Analysis
2022-01-25SecureworksCounter Threat Unit ResearchTeam
Ransoms Demanded for Hijacked Instagram Accounts