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2022-12-08TrustwaveDiana Lopera, Phil Hay, Rodel Mendrez
Trojanized OneNote Document Leads to Formbook Malware
2022-03-24TrustwaveDiana Lopera
Vidar Malware Launcher Concealed in Help File
2021-06-24TrustwaveDiana Lopera
Yet Another Archive Format Smuggling Malware
Agent Tesla
2021-03-11TrustwaveDiana Lopera
Image File Trickery Part II: Fake Icon Delivers NanoCore
Nanocore RAT
2021-02-12TrustwaveDiana Lopera, Rodel Mendrez
The Many Roads Leading To Agent Tesla
Agent Tesla
2021-01-06TrustwaveDiana Lopera
A Trump Sex Video? No, It's a RAT!
2020-10-01SpiderLabs BlogDiana Lopera
Evasive URLs in Spam: Part 2
Loki Password Stealer (PWS)
2020-08-24TrustwaveDiana Lopera
RATs and Spam: The Node.JS QRAT