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2023-08-10TrustwaveRodel Mendrez
Gootloader: Why your Legal Document Search May End in Misery
2022-12-08TrustwaveDiana Lopera, Phil Hay, Rodel Mendrez
Trojanized OneNote Document Leads to Formbook Malware
2022-01-13TrustwaveLloyd Macrohon, Rodel Mendrez
Decrypting Qakbot’s Encrypted Registry Keys
2021-10-15TrustwaveLloyd Macrohon, Rodel Mendrez
BlackByte Ransomware – Pt 2. Code Obfuscation Analysis
2021-10-15TrustwaveLloyd Macrohon, Rodel Mendrez
BlackByte Ransomware – Pt. 1 In-depth Analysis
2021-07-07TrustwaveNikita Kazymirskyi, Rodel Mendrez
Diving Deeper Into the Kaseya VSA Attack: REvil Returns and Other Hackers Are Riding Their Coattails
Cobalt Strike REvil
2021-05-04TrustwaveLloyd Macrohon, Rodel Mendrez
Pingback: Backdoor At The End Of The ICMP Tunnel
2021-02-12TrustwaveDiana Lopera, Rodel Mendrez
The Many Roads Leading To Agent Tesla
Agent Tesla
2020-07-11TrustwavePeter Evans, Rodel Mendrez
Injecting Magecart into Magento Global Config
2020-06-22TrustwaveRodel Mendrez
Pillowmint: FIN7’s Monkey Thief
2020-03-26SpiderLabs BlogAlejandro Baca, Rodel Mendrez
Would You Exchange Your Security for a Gift Card?
2019-12-20TrustwaveRodel Mendrez
Undressing the REvil
2019-04-05TrustwavePhil Hay, Rodel Mendrez
Spammed PNG file hides LokiBot
Loki Password Stealer (PWS)
2016-07-01SpiderLabs BlogRodel Mendrez
How I Cracked a Keylogger and Ended Up in Someone's Inbox
HawkEye Keylogger
2015-09-23SpiderLabs BlogRodel Mendrez
Quaverse RAT: Remote-Access-as-a-Service
2009-03-17Marshal8e6Rodel Mendrez
Gheg spambot