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2021-10-07KasperskyFedor Sinitsyn, Yanis Zinchenko
Ransomware in the CIS
Cryakl Dharma Hakbit Phobos Void
2021-05-25KasperskyFedor Sinitsyn, Yanis Zinchenko
Evolution of JSWorm ransomware
Nefilim Nemty
2020-11-11Kaspersky LabsDmitry Bestuzhev, Fedor Sinitsyn
Targeted ransomware: it’s not just about encrypting your data! Part 1 - “Old and New Friends”
Egregor Maze RagnarLocker
2020-11-06Kaspersky LabsFedor Sinitsyn, Vladimir Kuskov
RansomEXX Trojan attacks Linux systems
RansomEXX RansomEXX
2020-10-21Kaspersky LabsFedor Sinitsyn, Nikita Galimov, Vladimir Kuskov
Life of Maze ransomware
2020-07-31Kaspersky LabsFedor Sinitsyn
WastedLocker: technical analysis
2019-07-03Kaspersky LabsArtur Pakulov, Fedor Sinitsyn, Orkhan Mamedov
Sodin ransomware exploits Windows vulnerability and processor architecture
2018-08-13Kaspersky LabsFedor Sinitsyn, Orkhan Mamedov
KeyPass ransomware
2018-05-07Kaspersky LabsAnton Ivanov, Fedor Sinitsyn, Orkhan Mamedov
SynAck targeted ransomware uses the Doppelgänging technique
2017-10-24Kaspersky LabsAnton Ivanov, Fedor Sinitsyn, Orkhan Mamedov
Bad Rabbit ransomware
2017-04-24Kaspersky LabsAnton Ivanov, Fabio Assolini, Fedor Sinitsyn, Santiago Pontiroli
XPan, I am your father
2017-03-14Kaspersky LabsAnton Ivanov, Fedor Sinitsyn
PetrWrap: the new Petya-based ransomware used in targeted attacks
2016-10-03Kaspersky LabsAnton Ivanov, Fedor Sinitsyn, Orkhan Mamedov
Polyglot – the fake CTB-locker
2016-09-29Kaspersky LabsAnton Ivanov, Fedor Sinitsyn, GReAT
TeamXRat: Brazilian cybercrime meets ransomware
Xpan TeamXRat
2016-05-04KasperskyFedor Sinitsyn
Petya: the two-in-one trojan
2015-09-14Kaspersky LabsFedor Sinitsyn, Victor Alyushin
The Shade Encryptor: a Double Threat
CMSBrute Troldesh
2015-07-14Kaspersky LabsFedor Sinitsyn
TeslaCrypt 2.0 disguised as CryptoWall