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2024-04-24SecuronixDen Iyzvyk, Oleg Kolesnikov, Tim Peck
Analysis of Ongoing FROZEN#SHADOW Attack Campaign Leveraging SSLoad Malware and RMM Software for Domain Takeover
Cobalt Strike SSLoad
2024-02-01SecuronixDen Iyzvyk, Oleg Kolesnikov, Tim Peck
Analysis and Detection of STEADY#URSA Attack Campaign Targeting Ukraine Military Dropping New Covert SUBTLE-PAWS PowerShell Backdoor
2024-01-09SecuronixDen Iyzvyk, Oleg Kolesnikov, Tim Peck
New RE#TURGENCE Attack Campaign: Turkish Hackers Target MSSQL Servers to Deliver Domain-Wide MIMIC Ransomware
Mimic Ransomware
2023-09-25SecuronixD. Iuzvyk, Oleg Kolesnikov, Tim Peck
Securonix Threat Labs Security Advisory: New STARK#VORTEX Attack Campaign: Threat Actors Use Drone Manual Lures to Deliver MerlinAgent Payloads
2023-05-12SecuronixDen Iyzvyk, Oleg Kolesnikov, Tim Peck
Ongoing MEME#4CHAN Attack/Phishing Campaign uses Meme-Filled Code to Drop XWorm Payloads
2023-04-20SecuronixDen Iyzvyk, Oleg Kolesnikov, Tim Peck
New OCX#HARVESTER Attack Campaign Leverages a Modernized More_eggs Suite to Target Victims
2022-03-30SecuronixD. Iuzvyk, Den Iyzvyk, O. Kolesnikov, Oleg Kolesnikov, T. Peck, Tim Peck
New TACTICAL#OCTOPUS Attack Campaign Targets US Entities with Malware Bundled in Tax-Themed Documents
2022-03-15SecuronixDen Iyzvyk, Oleg Kolesnikov, T. Peck, Tim Peck
Detecting EnemyBot – Securonix Initial Coverage Advisory
2020-12-08SecuronixDen Iyzvyk, Oleg Kolesnikov
Detecting SolarWinds/SUNBURST/ECLIPSER Supply Chain Attacks
2020-07-28SecuronixOleg Kolesnikov
Detecting WastedLocker Ransomware Using Security Analytics
2018-09-11SecuronixHarshvardhan Parashar, Oleg Kolesnikov
KRONOS/Osiris Banking Trojan Attack