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Aurora Stealer

First advertised as a Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) on Russian-speaking underground forums in April 2022, Aurora Stealer is a Golang-based information stealer with downloading and remote access capabilities. The malware targets data from multiple browsers, cryptocurrency wallets, local systems, and act as a loader. During execution, the malware runs several commands through WMIC to collect basic host information, snaps a desktop image, and exfiltrates data to the C2 server within a single base64-encoded JSON file.

2023-07-11SpamhausSpamhaus Malware Labs
Spamhaus Botnet Threat Update Q2 2023
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eSentire Threat Intelligence Malware Analysis: Aurora Stealer
Aurora Stealer
2023-05-14MediumDenshi Yūrei
Silent Echoes: The Hidden Dialogue among Malware Entities — Spotlight on AMOS InfoStealer
AMOS Aurora Stealer TitanStealer
2023-04-23d01aMohamed Adel
exposing the internals of Aurora Stealer Builder
Aurora Stealer
2023-04-23OALabsSergei Frankoff
in2al5dp3in4er Loader
Aurora Stealer
2023-04-13d01aMohamed Adel
Aurora Stealer deep dive Analysis
Aurora Stealer
2023-03-24loginsoftSaharsh Agrawal
Aurora: The Dark Dawn and its Menacing Effects
Aurora Stealer
2023-01-18SANS ISCBrad Duncan
Malicious Google Ad --> Fake Notepad++ Page --> Aurora Stealer malware
Aurora Stealer
2022-11-21Sekoiasekoia, Threat & Detection Research Team
Aurora: a rising stealer flying under the radar
Aurora Stealer
2022-11-02Sekoiasekoia, Threat & Detection Research Team
BlueFox Stealer: a newcomer designed for traffers teams
Aurora Stealer BlueFox

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