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2022-06-27ZscalerSahil Antil, Sudeep Singh
Return of the Evilnum APT with updated TTPs and new targets
2022-04-26ZscalerSahil Antil, Sudeep Singh
A "Naver"-ending game of Lazarus APT
2022-01-20ZscalerSahil Antil, Sudeep Singh
New espionage attack by Molerats APT targeting users in the Middle East
2021-09-09ZscalerSahil Antil, Sudeep Singh
CloudFall Targets Researchers and Scientists Invited to International Military Conferences in Central Asia and Eastern Europe
2021-06-24ZscalerSahil Antil, Sudeep Singh
Demystifying the full attack chain of MineBridge RAT
2021-03-23ZscalerSahil Antil, Sudeep Singh
Low-volume multi-stage attack leveraging AzureEdge and Shopify CDNs
2021-02-23ZscalerSahil Antil, Sudeep Singh
Return of the MINEBRIDGE RAT With New TTPs and Social Engineering Lures
2020-10-27ZscalerSahil Antil, Sudeep Singh
APT-31 leverages COVID-19 vaccine theme and abuses legitimate online services
2020-09-29ZscalerSahil Antil, Sudeep Singh
Targeted Attacks on Oil and Gas Supply Chain Industries in the Middle East
2020-06-19ZscalerAtinderpal Singh, Nirmal Singh, Sahil Antil
Targeted Attack Leverages India-China Border Dispute to Lure Victims
Cobalt Strike
2019-09-12ZscalerRohit Chaturvedi, Sahil Antil
InnfiRAT: A new RAT aiming for your cryptocurrency and more