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2024-06-03SekoiaPierre Le Bourhis, Quentin Bourgue, Sekoia TDR
PikaBot: a Guide to its Deep Secrets and Operations
2024-05-21SekoiaAmaury G., Coline Chavane, Kilian Seznec, Sekoia TDR
Master of Puppets: Uncovering the DoppelGänger pro-Russian influence campaign
2024-03-01SekoiaSekoia TDR
NoName057(16)’s DDoSia project: 2024 updates and behavioural shifts
2023-05-13SekoiaJeremy Scion, Livia Tibirna, Pierre Le Bourhis, Sekoia TDR
Mallox affiliate leverages PureCrypter in MS-SQL exploitation campaigns
PureCrypter TargetCompany