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2024-03-11YouTube (Embee Research)Embee_research
Xworm Script Analysis and Deobfuscation
2024-02-25YouTube (Embee Research)Embee_research
My Longest CyberChef Recipe Ever - 22 Operation Configuration Extractor
NetSupportManager RAT
2024-02-20YouTube (Embee Research)Embee_research
StealC Loader Analysis - Decoding Powershell Malware With CyberChef
2024-02-09YouTube (Embee Research)Embee_research
Guloader Decoding With Cyberchef
2024-02-08YouTube (Embee Research)Embee_research
Cobalt Strike Decoding and C2 Extraction - 3 Minute Malware Analysis Speedrun
Cobalt Strike
2024-02-01YouTube (Embee Research)Embee_research
Xworm Malware Analysis - Unravelling Multi-stage Malware with CyberChef and DnSpy
2024-01-21YouTube (Embee Research)Embee_research
Manual Malware Decoding With Procmon - Pikabot
2024-01-13YouTube (Embee Research)Embee_research
Cobalt Strike Shellcode Analysis and C2 Extraction
Cobalt Strike
2024-01-08YouTube (Embee Research)Embee_research
Malware Analysis - Powershell decoding and .NET C2 Extraction (Quasar RAT)
Quasar RAT
2024-01-08YouTube (Embee Research)Embee_research
Malware Analysis - Simple Javascript Decoding and C2 Extraction (Redline Stealer)
RedLine Stealer
2024-01-08YouTube (Embee Research)Embee_research
Javascript Malware Analysis - Decoding an AgentTesla Loader
Agent Tesla
2024-01-08YouTube (Embee Research)Embee_research
Malware Analysis - Decoding Obfuscated Powershell and HTA Files (Lumma Stealer)
Lumma Stealer
2023-02-02YouTube (Embee Research)Embee_research
Xworm Loader Analysis - Decoding Malware Scripts and Extracting C2's with DnSpy and CyberChef
2023-01-09YouTube (Embee Research)Embee_research
Malware Analysis - VBS Decoding With Cyberchef (Nanocore Loader)
Nanocore RAT