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2024-04-16paloalto Netoworks: Unit42paloalto Networks: Unit42
ContactForms campaign pushing SSLoad malware
2024-04-11paloalto Netoworks: Unit42paloalto Networks: Unit42
Contact Forms Campaign Pushes SSLoad Malware
2023-09-15paloalto Netoworks: Unit42Amer Elsad, Austin Dever, Kristopher Russo
Threat Group Assessment: Muddled Libra
2023-07-20paloalto Netoworks: Unit42Lior Rochberger, Shimi Cohen
Threat Group Assessment: Mallox Ransomware
2023-05-09paloalto Netoworks: Unit42Anthony Galiette, Daniel Bunce, Doel Santos
Threat Assessment: Royal Ransomware
Royal Ransom Royal Ransom
2022-11-03paloalto Netoworks: Unit42Chris Navarrete, Durgesh Sangvikar, Matthew Tennis, Siddhart Shibiraj, Yanhui Jia, Yu Fu
Cobalt Strike Analysis and Tutorial: Identifying Beacon Team Servers in the Wild
Cobalt Strike
2022-10-31paloalto Netoworks: Unit42Or Chechik
Banking Trojan Techniques: How Financially Motivated Malware Became Infrastructure
Dridex Kronos TrickBot Zeus
2022-03-24paloalto Netoworks: Unit42Unit42
Threat Brief: Lapsus$ Group
RedLine Stealer
2022-03-16paloalto Netoworks: Unit42Andrew Guan, Chris Navarrete, Durgesh Sangvikar, Siddhart Shibiraj, Yanhui Jia, Yu Fu
Cobalt Strike Analysis and Tutorial: How Malleable C2 Profiles Make Cobalt Strike Difficult to Detect
Cobalt Strike
2021-10-18paloalto Netoworks: Unit42Brad Duncan
Case Study: From BazarLoader to Network Reconnaissance
BazarBackdoor Cobalt Strike
2021-08-10paloalto Netoworks: Unit42Haozhe Zhang, Ruchna Nigam, Zhibin Zhang
New eCh0raix Ransomware Variant Targets QNAP and Synology Network-Attached Storage Devices
2020-09-23paloalto Netoworks: Unit42Brad Duncan
Case Study: Emotet Thread Hijacking, an Email Attack Technique
2019-03-26paloalto Netoworks: Unit42Mike Harbison
Born This Way? Origins of LockerGoga
2019-01-08paloalto Netoworks: Unit42Bryan Lee, Robert Falcone
DarkHydrus delivers new Trojan that can use Google Drive for C2 communications
RogueRobinNET DarkHydrus