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aka: Acres

Actor(s): Silent Chollima

QuiteRAT is a simple remote access trojan written with the help of Qt libraries.

After sending preliminary system information to its C&C server, it expects a response containing either a supported command code or an actual Windows command (like systeminfo or ipconfig with parameters) to execute.

It was deployed in a campaign exploiting a ManageEngine ServiceDesk vulnerability (CVE-2022-47966).

2023-08-24Cisco TalosAsheer Malhotra, Jungsoo An, Vitor Ventura
Lazarus Group exploits ManageEngine vulnerability to deploy QuiteRAT
2023-08-22AhnLabASEC Analysis Team
Analyzing the new attack activity of the Andariel group
Andardoor MimiKatz QuiteRAT Tiger RAT Volgmer
2023-02-23BitdefenderBitdefender Team, Martin Zugec
Technical Advisory: Various Threat Actors Targeting ManageEngine Exploit CVE-2022-47966
Cobalt Strike DarkComet QuiteRAT RATel
2023-02-02WithSecureSami Ruohonen, Stephen Robinson
No Pineapple! –DPRK Targeting of Medical Research and Technology Sector
Dtrack GREASE QuiteRAT

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