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2024-05-14Check Point ResearchAntonis Terefos, Tera0017
Foxit PDF “Flawed Design” Exploitation
Rafel RAT Agent Tesla AsyncRAT DCRat DONOT Nanocore RAT NjRAT Pony Remcos Venom RAT XWorm
2024-04-02Check Point ResearchAntonis Terefos, Raman Ladutska
Agent Tesla Targeting United States & Australia: Revealing the Attackers' Identities
Agent Tesla Bignosa
2024-03-31Check Point ResearchCheck Point
Malware Spotlight: Linodas aka DinodasRAT for Linux
2024-02-07Check Point ResearchCheck Point Research
Raspberry Robin Keeps Riding the Wave of Endless 1-Days
Raspberry Robin
2023-12-12Check Point ResearchCheck Point
November 2023’s Most Wanted Malware: New AsyncRAT Campaign Discovered while FakeUpdates Re-Entered the Top Ten after Brief Hiatus
2023-11-23Check Point ResearchCheck Point Research
Israel-Hamas War Spotlight: Shaking the Rust Off SysJoker
2023-11-17Check Point Software Technologies LtdCheck Point Research
Malware Spotlight – Into the Trash: Analyzing LitterDrifter
2023-10-31Check Point ResearchCheck Point Research
From Albania to the Middle East: The Scarred Manticore is Listening
Tunna LIONTAIL Scarred Manticore
2023-09-20Check Point ResearchCheckpoint Research
Behind the Scenes of BBTok: Analyzing a Banker’s Server Side Components
2023-07-03Check Point ResearchCheckpoint Research
Chinese Threat Actors Targeting Europe in SmugX Campaign
2023-06-08Check Point ResearchCheckpoint Research
Stealth Soldier Backdoor Used in Targeted Espionage Attacks in North Africa
Stealth Soldier
2023-05-24Check Point ResearchJiri Vinopal, Marc Salinas Fernandez
Agrius Deploys MoneyBird in Targeted Attacks against Israeli Organizations
Pink Sandstorm
2023-05-16Check Point ResearchItay Cohen, Radoslaw Madej
The Dragon Who Sold his Camaro: Analyzing a Custom Router Implant
Horse Shell Camaro Dragon
2023-05-04Check Point ResearchAlex Shamshur, Raman Ladutska, Sam Handelman
Eastern Asian Android Assault - FluHorse
2023-05-01Check Point ResearchCheck Point Research
Chain Reaction: RokRAT's Missing Link
Amadey RokRAT
2023-04-18Check Point ResearchShavit Yosef
Raspberry Robin: Anti-Evasion How-To & Exploit Analysis
Raspberry Robin
2023-04-04Check Point ResearchJiří Vinopal
Rorschach – A New Sophisticated and Fast Ransomware
Rorschach Ransomware
2023-03-27Check Point ResearchCheckpoint Research
Rhadamanthys: The “Everything Bagel” Infostealer
2023-03-15Check Point ResearchJiří Vinopal
DotRunPEX - Demystifying New Virtualized .NET Injector used in the Wild
2023-03-14Check Point ResearchBohdan Melnykov, Raman Ladutska
South Korean Android Banking Menace - Fakecalls