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2021-05-05ZscalerAniruddha Dolas, Manohar Ghule, Mohd Sadique
Catching RATs Over Custom Protocols Analysis of top non-HTTP/S threats
Agent Tesla AsyncRAT Crimson RAT CyberGate Ghost RAT Nanocore RAT NetWire RC NjRAT Quasar RAT Remcos
2021-01-08ZscalerMohd Sadique, Pradeep Kulkarni
Ransomware Delivered Using RDP Brute-Force Attack
2020-09-29ZscalerAtinderpal Singh, Mohd Sadique
Spear Phishing Campaign Delivers Buer and Bazar Malware
BazarBackdoor Buer
2020-08-14ZscalerMohd Sadique
PurpleWave - A New Infostealer from Russia
2020-07-02ZscalerMohd Sadique
CyberGate RAT and RedLine Stealer Delivered in Ongoing AutoIt Malware Campaigns
CyberGate RedLine Stealer
2019-02-06ZscalerMohd Sadique
Qealler – a new JAR-based information stealer