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2023-11-16The RegisterConnor Jones
BlackCat plays with malvertising traps to lure corporate victims
2023-03-10The RegisterJessica Lyons Hardcastle
FBI and international cops catch a NetWire RAT
NetWire RC
2022-04-08The RegisterLaura Dobberstein
China accused of cyberattacks on Indian power grid
2022-03-22The RegisterJeff Burt
What does Go-written malware look like? Here's a sample under the microscope
Arid Gopher
2022-03-22The RegisterJeff Burt
This is a BlackCat you don't want crossing your path
BlackCat BlackMatter
2022-03-18The RegisterJessica Lyons Hardcastle
Cyclops Blink malware sets up shop in ASUS routers
2022-03-16The RegisterJeff Burt
BlackBerry says extortionists erase documents if ransom unpaid
2022-03-09The RegisterJessica Lyons Hardcastle
Ragnar ransomware gang hit 52 critical US orgs, says FBI
2020-01-17The RegisterShaun Nichols
'Friendly' hackers are seemingly fixing the Citrix server hole – and leaving a nasty present behind
2019-11-11The RegisterGareth Corfield
If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is: Nobody can decrypt the Dharma ransomware
2019-04-10The RegisterShaun Nichols
Lazarus Group rises again from the digital grave with Hoplight malware for all
Lazarus Group
2019-02-11The RegisterChris Williams
620 million accounts stolen from 16 hacked websites now for sale on dark web, seller boasts
2018-01-10The RegisterRichard Chirgwin
Taiwanese cops give malware-laden USB sticks as prizes for security quiz
2015-12-03360 Internet Security CenterYa Liu
Automatically Classifying Unknown Bots by The REGISTER Messages
MrBlack XOR DDoS DarkShell
2011-09-14The RegisterDan Goodin
Malware burrows deep into computer BIOS to escape AV