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2019-03-11ESET ResearchMarc-Etienne M.Léveillé
Gaming industry still in the scope of attackers in Asia
2018-12-05ESET ResearchMarc-Etienne M.Léveillé
The Dark Side of the ForSSHe
2018-12-01ESET ResearchHugo Porcher, Marc-Etienne M.Léveillé, Romain Dumont
THE DARK SIDE OF THE FORSSHE: A landscape of OpenSSH backdoors
2018-10-30Alexander Solad, Daniel Hatheway, John Fokker, Marc Rivero López
Kraken Cryptor Ransomware Gains Popularity Among Cybercriminals
2018-10-30McAfeeJohn Fokker, Marc Rivero López
Fallout Exploit Kit Releases the Kraken Ransomware on Its Victims
2018-09-20Marco Ramilli
Sustes Malware: CPU for Monero
sustes miner
2018-09-18The CitizenlabBahr Abdul Razzak, Bill Marczak, John Scott-Railton, Ron Deibert, Sarah McKune
Hide and Seek: Tracking NSO Group’s Pegasus Spyware to Operations in 45 Countries
2018-08-24Bleeping ComputerCatalin Cimpanu
Iranian Hackers Charged in March Are Still Actively Phishing Universities
2018-08-20Marco Ramilli's BlogMarco Ramilli
Interesting hidden threat since years ?
2018-07-11FireEyeBen Read, Ben Wilson, Dan Perez, Marcin Siedlarz, Scott Henderson, Steve Miller
Chinese Espionage Group TEMP.Periscope Targets Cambodia Ahead of July 2018 Elections and Reveals Broad Operations Globally
2018-05-09Cisco TalosChristopher Marczewski, Nick Biasini, Nick Lister
Gandcrab Ransomware Walks its Way onto Compromised Sites
2018-03-09Adam Senft, Bill Marczak, Jakub Dalek, John Scott-Railton, Ron Deibert, Sarah McKune
Sandvine’s PacketLogic Devices Used to Deploy Government Spyware in Turkey and Redirect Egyptian Users to Affiliate Ads?
2017-12-06CiscoChristopher Marczewski, Holger Unterbrink
Recam Redux - DeConfusing ConfuserEx
NetWire RC
2017-12-06The Citizen LabBill Marczak, Geoffrey Alexander, John Scott-Railton, Ron Deibert, Sarah McKune
Champing at the Cyberbit Ethiopian Dissidents Targeted with New Commercial Spyware
PC Surveillance System
2017-10-24ESET ResearchMarc-Etienne M.Léveillé
Bad Rabbit: Not‑Petya is back with improved ransomware
2017-08-24ESET ResearchMarc-Etienne M.Léveillé
Bad Rabbit: Not‑Petya is back with improved ransomware
EternalPetya Sandworm
2017-06-12Security Art WorkJoséMiguel Holguín, Marc Salinas
Evolución de Trickbot
2017-03-11Marc Maiffret's BlogMarc Maiffret
Wikileaks Vault7 JQJSNICKER code leak
2017-02-22ESET ResearchMarc-Etienne M.Léveillé
New crypto‑ransomware hits macOS
2016-08-10ZscalerViral Gandhi
Android Marcher: Continuously Evolving Mobile Malware