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Actor(s): OilRig

Jason is a graphic tool implemented to perform Microsoft exchange account brute-force in order to “harvest” the highest possible emails and accounts information. Distributed in a ZIP container the interface is quite intuitive: the Microsoft exchange address and its version shall be provided. Three brute-force methods could be selected: EWS (Exchange Web Service), OAB (Offline Address Book) or both (All). Username and password list can be selected and threads number should be provided in order to optimize the attack balance.

2020-02-13QianxinQi Anxin Threat Intelligence Center
APT Report 2019
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2019-06-06Marco Ramilli
APT34: Jason project
2019-06-03Twitter (@P3pperP0tts)Pepper Potts
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Yara Rules
[TLP:WHITE] win_jason_w0 (20191029 | APT34 Jason)
rule win_jason_w0 {
      description = "APT34 Jason"
      date = "2019-06-05"
      hash = "9762444b94fa6cc5a25c79c487bbf97e007cb680118afeab0f5643d211fa3f78"
      author = "marcoramilli"
      malpedia_reference = ""
      malpedia_version = "20191029"
      malpedia_license = "CC BY-NC-SA 4.0"
      malpedia_sharing = "TLP:WHITE"
      $s1 = "lSystem.Resources.ResourceReader, mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089#System.Resources.R" ascii
      $s2 = "D:\\Project\\Jason\\obj\\Release\\Jason.pdb" fullword ascii
      $s3 = "Jason.exe" fullword wide
      $s4 = "get_PasswordPattern" fullword ascii
      $s5 = "get_PasswordFile" fullword ascii
      $s6 = "get_pCurrentPassword" fullword ascii
      $s7 = "Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data" fullword ascii
      $s8 = "Total Login Successful :" fullword wide
      $s9 = "Login Successful" fullword wide
      $s10 = "<PasswordPattern>k__BackingField" fullword ascii
      $s11 = "<pCurrentPassword>k__BackingField" fullword ascii
      $s12 = "Jason - Exchange Mail BF - v 7.0" fullword wide
      $s13 = "Please enter Password File" fullword wide
      $s14 = "get_UsernameStart" fullword ascii
      $s15 = "get_UserPassFile" fullword ascii
      $s16 = "get_pCurrentUsername" fullword ascii
      $s17 = "set_pCurrentPassword" fullword ascii
      $s18 = "set_PasswordFile" fullword ascii
      $s19 = "set_PasswordPattern" fullword ascii
      $s20 = "connection was closed" fullword wide
      uint16(0) == 0x5a4d and filesize < 100KB and
      8 of them
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