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2023-08-07Cisco TalosChetan Raghuprasad
New threat actor targets Bulgaria, China, Vietnam and other countries with customized Yashma ransomware
2023-02-14TalosChetan Raghuprasad
New MortalKombat ransomware and Laplas Clipper malware threats deployed in financially motivated
2022-01-12CiscoChetan Raghuprasad, Vanja Svajcer
Nanocore, Netwire and AsyncRAT spreading campaign uses public cloud infrastructure
AsyncRAT Nanocore RAT NetWire RC
2021-11-16CiscoAsheer Malhotra, Chetan Raghuprasad, Vanja Svajcer
Attackers use domain fronting technique to target Myanmar with Cobalt Strike
Cobalt Strike
2021-11-03Cisco TalosCaitlin Huey, Chetan Raghuprasad, Vanja Svajcer
Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities exploited once again for ransomware, this time with Babuk