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2023-04-21SophosColin Cowie, Paul Jaramillo
IcedID: Defrosting a Recent Campaign Illustrating evolving tactics and shared infrastructure
IcedID PhotoLoader
2022-07-20SophosColin Cowie, Gabor Szappanos
OODA: X-Ops Takes On Burgeoning SQL Server Attacks
Maoloa Remcos TargetCompany
2022-04-25th3protocol blogColin Cowie
Choziosi Loader: Multi-platform campaign delivering browser extension malware
2022-02-23SophosAbhijit Gupta, Anand Ajjan, Andrew Brandt, Colin Cowie, Felix Weyne, Rahil Shah, Steven Lott, Syed Zaidi, Vikas Singh, Xiaochuan Zhang
Dridex bots deliver Entropy ransomware in recent attacks
2022-01-19SophosColin Cowie, Mat Gangwer, Sophos MTR Team, Stan Andic
Zloader Installs Remote Access Backdoors and Delivers Cobalt Strike
Cobalt Strike Zloader