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2022-02-23SophosAbhijit Gupta, Anand Ajjan, Andrew Brandt, Colin Cowie, Felix Weyne, Rahil Shah, Steven Lott, Syed Zaidi, Vikas Singh, Xiaochuan Zhang
Dridex bots deliver Entropy ransomware in recent attacks
2021-11-18SophosElida Leite, Ferenc László Nagy, Gabor Szappanos, Harinder Bhathal, Kyle Link, Nirav Parekh, Rahul Dugar, Ratul Ghosh, Robert Weiland, Sean Gallagher, Sergio Bestuilic, Vikas Singh
New ransomware actor uses password-protected archives to bypass encryption protection
2021-10-04SophosChaitanya Ghorpade, Kajal Katiyar, Krisztián Diriczi, Rahil Shah, Sean Gallagher, Vikas Singh
Atom Silo ransomware actors use Confluence exploit, DLL side-load for stealthy attack
ATOMSILO Cobalt Strike
2021-09-21SophosAndrew Brandt, Chaitanya Ghorpade, Krisztián Diriczi, Shefali Gupta, Vikas Singh
Cring ransomware group exploits ancient ColdFusion server
Cobalt Strike Cring
2021-05-05SophosLabs UncutAndrew Brandt, Gabor Szappanos, Peter Mackenzie, Vikas Singh
Intervention halts a ProxyLogon-enabled attack
Cobalt Strike
2021-04-23Twitter (@vikas891)Vikas Singh
Tweet on DOPPEL SPIDER using Intensive/Multiple Injected Cobalt Strike Beacons with varied polling intervals
Cobalt Strike DoppelPaymer
2020-06-09Sophos LabsGabor Szappanos, Vikas Singh
Kingminer escalates attack complexity for cryptomining
2020-06-01Sophos LabsGabor Szappanos, Vikas Singh
2019-10-01SophosMichael Wood, Rajesh Nataraj, Vikas Singh
Lemon_Duck PowerShell malware cryptojacks enterprise networks
Lemon Duck
2019-03-05SophosLabs UncutLuca Nagy, Suriya Natarajan, Vikas Singh
GandCrab 101: All about the most widely distributed ransomware of the moment