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2022-02-23SophosAbhijit Gupta, Anand Ajjan, Andrew Brandt, Colin Cowie, Felix Weyne, Rahil Shah, Steven Lott, Syed Zaidi, Vikas Singh, Xiaochuan Zhang
Dridex bots deliver Entropy ransomware in recent attacks
2021-12-22SophosAnand Ajjan, Andrew Brandt, Ferenc László Nagy, Fraser Howard, Peter Mackenzie, Sergio Bestulic, Timothy Easton
Avos Locker remotely accesses boxes, even running in Safe Mode
2021-09-03SophosAnand Ajjan, Andrew Ludgate, Gabor Szappanos, Peter Mackenzie, Sean Gallagher, Sergio Bestulic, Syed Zaidi
Conti affiliates use ProxyShell Exchange exploit in ransomware attacks
Cobalt Strike Conti
2021-09-01SophosAnand Ajjan, Andrew Brandt, Sean Gallagher, Yusuf Polat
Fake pirated software sites serve up malware droppers as a service
2021-07-04SophosAnand Ajjan, Mark Loman, Sean Gallagher
Independence Day: REvil uses supply chain exploit to attack hundreds of businesses
2021-06-11SophosLabs UncutAnand Ajjan, Andrew Brandt, Hajnalka Kope, Mark Loman, Peter Mackenzie
Relentless REvil, revealed: RaaS as variable as the criminals who use it
2021-02-16SophosLabs UncutAnand Ajjan, Andrew Brandt
Conti ransomware: Evasive by nature
2020-10-28SophosLabs UncutAnand Ajjan, Bill Kearny, Brett Cove, Elida Leite, Gabor Szappanos, Peter Mackenzie, Sean Gallagher, Syed Shahram
Hacks for sale: inside the Buer Loader malware-as-a-service
Buer Ryuk Zloader
2020-08-04SophosLabs UncutAnand Ajjan, Mark Loman
WastedLocker’s techniques point to a familiar heritage
2013-03-05Sophos Naked SecurityAnand Ajjan
Russian ransomware takes advantage of Windows PowerShell