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2023-04-13Intel 471Jorge Rodriguez, Souhail Hammou
From GhostNet to PseudoManuscrypt - The evolution of Gh0st RAT
BBSRAT Gh0stTimes Ghost RAT PseudoManuscrypt
2023-03-22Intel 471Roberto Martinez, Taisiia Garkava
New loader on the bloc - AresLoader
2023-02-28Intel 471Intel 471
Malvertising Surges to Distribute Malware
EugenLoader BATLOADER IcedID
2022-09-14Intel 471Intel 471
Pro-Russian Hacktivist Groups Target Ukraine Supporters
2022-09-07Intel 471Intel 471
Conti vs. Monti: A Reinvention or Just a Simple Rebranding?
2022-08-31Intel 471Intel 471 Malware Intelligence team
ERMAC 2.0: Perfecting the Account Takeover
2022-05-12Intel 471Intel 471
What malware to look for if you want to prevent a ransomware attack
Conti BumbleBee Cobalt Strike IcedID Sliver
2022-05-05Intel 471Intel 471
Cybercrime loves company: Conti cooperated with other ransomware gangs
LockBit Maze RagnarLocker Ryuk
2022-04-29Intel 471Souhail Hammou
Privateloader – The Malware Behind A Havoc-Wreaking Pay-Per-Install Service
2022-04-26Intel 471Intel 471
Conti and Emotet: A constantly destructive duo
Cobalt Strike Conti Emotet IcedID QakBot TrickBot
2022-04-05Intel 471Intel 471
Move fast and commit crimes: Conti’s development teams mirror corporate tech
BazarBackdoor TrickBot
2022-03-23Intel 471Intel 471
Conti puts the ‘organized’ in organized crime
2022-02-15Intel 471Intel 471
How the Russia-Ukraine conflict is impacting cybercrime
2022-02-08Intel 471Intel 471
PrivateLoader: The first step in many malware schemes
Dridex Kronos LockBit Nanocore RAT NjRAT PrivateLoader Quasar RAT RedLine Stealer Remcos SmokeLoader STOP Tofsee TrickBot Vidar
2021-11-16Intel 471Intel 471
How cryptomixers allow cybercriminals to clean their ransoms
2021-11-02Intel 471Intel 471
Cybercrime underground flush with shipping companies’ credentials
Cobalt Strike Conti
2021-10-20Intel 471Intel 471
Cybercriminals cash in on black market vaccine schemes
2021-08-23Intel 471Intel 471
Here's how to guard your enterprise against ShinyHunters
2021-07-14Intel 471Intel 471
How cybercriminals create turbulence for the transportation industry
Mount Locker Nefilim
2021-06-23Intel 471Greg Otto
Cybercriminals shop around for schemes targeting retail