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2022-10-11ESET ResearchMatías Porolli
POLONIUM targets Israel with Creepy malware
CreepySnail CreepExfil DeepCreep MegaCreep Unidentified 097 (Polonium Keylogger)
2022-01-18ESET ResearchFacundo Muñoz, Matías Porolli
DoNot Go! Do not respawn!
2021-07-07ESET ResearchFernando Tavella, Matías Porolli
Bandidos at large: A spying campaign in Latin America
2021-04-06ESET ResearchFacundo Muñoz, Matías Porolli
Janeleiro, the time traveler: A new old banking trojan in Brazil
2021-01-11ESET ResearchMatías Porolli
Operation Spalax: Targeted malware attacks in Colombia
Agent Tesla AsyncRAT NjRAT Remcos
2020-07-10Github (eset)Matías Porolli
Evilnum — Indicators of Compromise
EVILNUM More_eggs EVILNUM TerraStealer
2020-07-09ESET ResearchMatías Porolli
More evil: A deep look at Evilnum and its toolset
EVILNUM More_eggs EVILNUM TerraPreter TerraStealer TerraTV Evilnum
2015-05-01ESET ResearchMatías Porolli, Pablo Ramos
CPL Malware in Brazil: Somewhere Between Banking Trojans and Malicious Emails