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2024-01-05Medium s2wlabHOTSAUCE, S2W TALON
Story of H2 2023: A Deep Dive into Data Leakage and Commerce in Chinese Telegram
2023-03-23Medium s2wlabBLKSMTH, S2W TALON
Scarcruft Bolsters Arsenal for targeting individual Android devices
RambleOn RokRAT
2023-03-20Medium s2wlabHOTSAUCE, S2W TALON
Detailed Analysis of Cryptocurrency Phishing Through Famous YouTube Channel Hacking
2023-03-17Medium s2wlabBLKSMTH, S2W TALON
Kimsuky group appears to be exploiting OneNote like the cybercrime group
2022-07-06Medium s2wlabHOTSAUCE | S2W TALON
变脸, Teng Snake (a.k.a. Code Core)
CodeCore Xiaoqiying
2022-06-16Medium s2wlabS2W TALON
Raccoon Stealer is Back with a New Version
2022-03-24Medium s2wlabS2W TALON
Footsteps of the LAPSUS$ hacking group
2022-02-17Medium s2wlabS2W TALON
Tracking SugarLocker ransomware & operator
2022-02-16Medium s2wlabS2W TALON
Post Mortem of KlaySwap Incident through BGP Hijacking | EN
2021-12-14Medium s2wlabS2W TALON
Logs of Log4shell (CVE-2021-44228): log4j is ubiquitous
Kinsing Mirai Tsunami
2021-12-10Medium s2wlabS2W TALON
BlackCat: New Rust based ransomware borrowing BlackMatter’s configuration
BlackCat BlackMatter
2021-10-05Medium s2wlabS2W TALON
Prometheus x Spook: Prometheus ransomware rebranded Spook ransomware.
2021-09-10S2W LAB Inc.S2W TALON
Groove x RAMP : The relation between Groove, Babuk, Payload.bin, RAMP, and BlackMatter
Babuk BlackMatter Babuk BlackMatter
2021-09-09Medium s2wlabS2W TALON
Case Analysis of Suncrypt Ransomware Negotiation and Bitcoin Transaction
2021-09-08Medium s2wlabS2W TALON
Groove’s thoughts on Blackmatter, Babuk, and cheese shortages in the Netherlands
Babuk BlackMatter Babuk BlackMatter
2021-07-22S2W LAB Inc.TALON
Quick analysis of Haron Ransomware (feat. Avaddon and Thanos)
Avaddon Hakbit
New ICS Threat Activity Group: TALONITE
FlowCloud Lookback
2020-11-23S2W LAB Inc.TALON
[S2W LAB] Analysis of Clop Ransomware suspiciously related to the Recent Incident