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2024-01-17splunkSplunk Threat Research Team
Enter The Gates: An Analysis of the DarkGate AutoIt Loader
2024-01-09Avast DecodedThreat Research Team
Avast Updates Babuk Ransomware Decryptor in Cooperation with Cisco Talos and Dutch Police
2023-12-06splunkSplunk Threat Research Team
Unmasking the Enigma: A Historical Dive into the World of PlugX Malware
2023-12-05ProofpointCrista Giering, Greg Lesnewich, Proofpoint Threat Research Team
TA422’s Dedicated Exploitation Loop—the Same Week After Week
2023-10-26Avast DecodedThreat Research Team
Rhysida Ransomware Technical Analysis
2023-09-20ProofpointProofpoint Threat Research Team
Chinese Malware Appears in Earnest Across Cybercrime Threat Landscape
FatalRat PurpleFox ValleyRAT
2023-08-10Avast DecodedThreat Research Team
Unveiling the Dominance of Scams Amidst a 24% Surge in Blocked Attacks
2023-07-25splunkSplunk Threat Research Team
Amadey Threat Analysis and Detections
2023-06-29Avast DecodedThreat Research Team
Decrypted: Akira Ransomware
2023-03-31splunkSplunk Threat Research Team
Splunk Insights: Investigating the 3CXDesktopApp Supply Chain Compromise
3CX Backdoor
2023-03-27splunkSplunk Threat Research Team
AsyncRAT Crusade: Detections and Defense
QBot: Laying the Foundations for Black Basta Ransomware Activity
Black Basta QakBot
2023-02-16EclecticIQEclecticIQ Threat Research Team
Three Cases of Cyber Attacks on the Security Service of Ukraine and NATO Allies, Likely by Russian State-Sponsored Gamaredon
2023-02-02EclecticIQEclecticIQ Threat Research Team
Mustang Panda APT Group Uses European Commission-Themed Lure to Deliver PlugX Malware
2023-01-25ProofpointGreg Lesnewich, Proofpoint Threat Research Team
TA444: The APT Startup Aimed at Acquisition (of Your Funds)
CageyChameleon Lazarus Group TA444
2023-01-12EclecticIQEclecticIQ Threat Research Team
QakBot Malware Used Unpatched Vulnerability to Bypass Windows OS Security Feature
2022-12-01splunkSplunk Threat Research Team
From Macros to No Macros: Continuous Malware Improvements by QakBot
2022-11-22ProofpointAlexander Rausch, Proofpoint Threat Research Team
Nighthawk: An Up-and-Coming Pentest Tool Likely to Gain Threat Actor Notice
2022-11-16splunkSplunk Threat Research Team
Inside the Mind of a ‘Rat’ - Agent Tesla Detection and Analysis
Agent Tesla
2022-10-04splunkSplunk Threat Research Team
Deliver a Strike by Reversing a Badger: Brute Ratel Detection and Analysis
Brute Ratel C4