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2024-06-04AquasecNitzan Yaakov
Muhstik Malware Targets Message Queuing Services Applications
2024-04-29ZscalerSantiago Vicente
Zloader Learns Old Tricks
2024-04-24CiscoCisco Talos
ArcaneDoor - New espionage-focused campaign found targeting perimeter network devices
ArcaneDoor Storm-1849
2024-04-24NCSC UKNCSC UK
Line Dancer - In-memory shellcode loader targeting Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) devices.
2024-04-24NCSC UKNCSC UK
Line Runner: Persistent webshell targeting Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) devices.
2024-04-02ForescoutForescout Vedere Labs
“All your base are belong to us” – A probe into Chinese-connected devices in US networks
2024-03-05CIPpaloalto Networks: Unit42, State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine (CIP)
Semi-Annual Chronicles of UAC-0006 Operations
2024-03-04CleafyFederico Valentini, Francesco Iubatti
On-Device Fraud on the rise: exposing a recent Copybara fraud campaign
2024-02-29SANS ISCJohn Moutos
Dissecting DarkGate: Modular Malware Delivery and Persistence as a Service
2024-02-27BitSightAndré Tavares
Hunting PrivateLoader: The malware behind InstallsKey PPI service
PrivateLoader RisePro
International cybercrime malware service targeting thousands of unsuspecting consumers dismantled
Ave Maria
2024-02-09Department of JusticeOffice of Public Affairs
International Cybercrime Malware Service Dismantled by Federal Authorities: Key Malware Sales and Support Actors in Malta and Nigeria Charged in Federal Indictments
Ave Maria
Tweet Highlighting the Integration of GhostSocks Service into Lumma Stealer
2024-01-31ZscalerJavier Vicente
Tracking 15 Years of Qakbot Development
2024-01-19ZscalerIsmael Garcia Perez, Santiago Vicente
Zloader: No Longer Silent in the Night
2024-01-11SecurityScorecardSecurityScorecard STRIKE Team
Volt Typhoon Compromises 30% of Cisco RV320/325 Devices in 37 Days
2024-01-10SecurityScorecardSTRIKE Team
Volt Typhoon Compromises 30% of Cisco RV320/325 Devices in 37 Days
Malicious code impersonating the National Tax Service created by Konni
2023-12-21SeqriteSathwik Ram Prakki
Operation RusticWeb targets Indian Govt: From Rust-based malware to Web-service exfiltration
Ares Unidentified 112 (Rust-based Stealer)
2023-12-13MicrosoftAmy Hogan-Burney
Disrupting the gateway services to cybercrime