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2022-07-14SophosAndrew Brandt, Andy French, Bill Kearney, Elida Leite, Harinder Bhathal, Lee Kirkpatrick, Peter Mackenzie, Robert Weiland, Sergio Bestulic
BlackCat ransomware attacks not merely a byproduct of bad luck
BlackCat BlackCat
2022-04-12SophosAndrew Brandt, Angela Gunn, Ferenc László Nagy, Johnathan Fern, Linda Smith, Matthew Everts, Mauricio Valdivieso, Melissa Kelly, Peter Mackenzie, Sergio Bestulic
Attackers linger on government agency computers before deploying Lockbit ransomware
2021-12-22SophosAnand Ajjan, Andrew Brandt, Ferenc László Nagy, Fraser Howard, Peter Mackenzie, Sergio Bestulic, Timothy Easton
Avos Locker remotely accesses boxes, even running in Safe Mode
2021-09-03SophosAnand Ajjan, Andrew Ludgate, Gabor Szappanos, Peter Mackenzie, Sean Gallagher, Sergio Bestulic, Syed Zaidi
Conti affiliates use ProxyShell Exchange exploit in ransomware attacks
Cobalt Strike Conti
2021-08-05Twitter (@AltShiftPrtScn)Peter Mackenzie
Tweet on Conti ransomware affiliates using AnyDesk, Atera, Splashtop, Remote Utilities and ScreenConnect to maintain network access
2021-08-05Twitter (@AltShiftPrtScn)Peter Mackenzie
Tweet on Lorenz ransomware tricking user into allowing OAuth permissions to "Thunderbird with ExQuilla" for O365
2021-07-21Twitter (@AltShiftPrtScn)Peter Mackenzie
Tweet on Conti ransomware actor installing AnyDesk for remote access in victim environment
2021-06-12Twitter (@AltShiftPrtScn)Peter Mackenzie
A thread on RagnarLocker ransomware group's TTP seen in an Incident Response
Cobalt Strike RagnarLocker
2021-06-11SophosLabs UncutAnand Ajjan, Andrew Brandt, Hajnalka Kope, Mark Loman, Peter Mackenzie
Relentless REvil, revealed: RaaS as variable as the criminals who use it
2021-05-18SophosGreg Iddon, John Shier, Mat Gangwer, Peter Mackenzie
The Active Adversary Playbook 2021
Cobalt Strike MimiKatz
2021-05-11SophosFerenc László Nagy, Gabor Szappanos, Mark Loman, Peter Mackenzie, Sean Gallagher, Suriya Natarajan, Szabolcs Lévai, Yusuf Arslan Polat
A defender’s view inside a DarkSide ransomware attack
2021-05-06Sophos LabsBill Kearney, Kyle Link, Matthew Sharf, Peter Mackenzie, Tilly Travers
MTR in Real Time: Pirates pave way for Ryuk ransomware
2021-05-05SophosLabs UncutAndrew Brandt, Gabor Szappanos, Peter Mackenzie, Vikas Singh
Intervention halts a ProxyLogon-enabled attack
Cobalt Strike
2021-04-22Twitter (@AltShiftPrtScn)Peter Mackenzie
Twwet On TTPs seen in IR used by DOPPEL SPIDER
Cobalt Strike DoppelPaymer
2021-02-16SophosLabs UncutPeter Mackenzie, Tilly Travers
What to expect when you’ve been hit with Conti ransomware
2021-01-26SophosLabs UncutBill Kearney, David Anderson, Michael Heller, Peter Mackenzie, Sergio Bestulic
Nefilim Ransomware Attack Uses “Ghost” Credentials
2021-01-17Twitter (@AltShiftPrtScn)Peter Mackenzie
Tweet on Conti Ransomware group exploiting FortiGate VPNs to drop in CobaltStrike loaders
Cobalt Strike Conti
2020-12-08SophosAnand Aijan, Bill Kearney, Gabor Szappanos, Mark Loman, Peter Mackenzie, Sean Gallagher, Sergio Bestulic, Syed Shahram
Egregor ransomware: Maze’s heir apparent
Egregor Maze
2020-10-28SophosLabs UncutAnand Ajjan, Bill Kearny, Brett Cove, Elida Leite, Gabor Szappanos, Peter Mackenzie, Sean Gallagher, Syed Shahram
Hacks for sale: inside the Buer Loader malware-as-a-service
Buer Ryuk Zloader
2020-09-17SophosLabs UncutAndrew Brandt, Peter Mackenzie
Maze attackers adopt Ragnar Locker virtual machine technique
2019-09-18SophosLabs UncutPeter Mackenzie
The WannaCry hangover
2019-09-17SophosLabsPeter Mackenzie
WannaCry Aftershock
2018-08-01SophosLabsAndrew Brandt, Claire Mackenzie, Dorka Palotay, Hajnalka Kope, Luca Nagy, Mark Stockley, Peter Mackenzie, Simon Porter
SamSam: The (Almost) Six Million Dollar Ransomware
2018-04-01SophosDorka Palotay, Peter Mackenzie
SamSam Ransomware Chooses Its Targets Carefully