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NoName057(16) is performing DDoS attacks on websites belonging to governments, news agencies, armies, suppliers, telecommunications companies, transportation authorities, financial institutions, and more in Ukraine and neighboring countries supporting Ukraine, like Ukraine itself, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, and Poland.

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2022-09-06AvastMartin Chlumeck√Ĺ
@online{chlumeck:20220906:prorussian:f4b99ca, author = {Martin Chlumeck√Ĺ}, title = {{Pro-Russian Group Targeting Ukraine Supporters with DDoS Attacks}}, date = {2022-09-06}, organization = {Avast}, url = {}, language = {English}, urldate = {2022-09-07} } Pro-Russian Group Targeting Ukraine Supporters with DDoS Attacks
Bobik NoName057(16)

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