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2024-02-22SentinelOneAleksandar Milenkoski
Doppelgänger | Russia-Aligned Influence Operation Targets Germany
2024-01-22SentinelOneAleksandar Milenkoski, Tom Hegel
ScarCruft | Attackers Gather Strategic Intelligence and Target Cybersecurity Professionals
2023-12-11Sentinel LABSAleksandar Milenkoski, Bendik Hagen
Sandman APT | China-Based Adversaries Embrace Lua
2023-10-24Sentinel LABSAleksandar Milenkoski, Tom Hegel
The Israel-Hamas War | Cyber Domain State-Sponsored Activity of Interest
2023-09-21Sentinel LABSAleksandar Milenkoski, QGroup
Sandman APT | A Mystery Group Targeting Telcos with a LuaJIT Toolkit
2023-08-17SentinelOneAleksandar Milenkoski, Tom Hegel
Chinese Entanglement | DLL Hijacking in the Asian Gambling Sector
2023-08-07SentinelOneAleksandar Milenkoski, Tom Hegel
Comrades in Arms? | North Korea Compromises Sanctioned Russian Missile Engineering Company
2023-06-06Sentinel LABSAleksandar Milenkoski
Kimsuky Strikes Again: New Social Engineering Campaign Aims to Steal Credentials and Gather Strategic Intelligence
2023-05-23Aleksandar Milenkoski
Kimsuky | Ongoing Campaign Using Tailored Reconnaissance Toolkit
2023-03-23SentinelOneAleksandar Milenkoski, Joey Chen, Juan Andrés Guerrero-Saade, QGroup
Operation Tainted Love | Chinese APTs Target Telcos in New Attacks
2023-02-16SentinelOneAleksandar Milenkoski, Collin Farr, Joey Chen, QGroup
WIP26 Espionage | Threat Actors Abuse Cloud Infrastructure in Targeted Telco Attacks
2023-01-24SentinelOneAleksandar Milenkoski
DragonSpark | Attacks Evade Detection with SparkRAT and Golang Source Code Interpretation
SparkRAT DragonSpark
2023-01-12Sentinel LABSAleksandar Milenkoski, Tom Hegel
NoName057(16) – The Pro-Russian Hacktivist Group Targeting NATO
Bobik Dosia NoName057(16)
2022-12-01SentinelOneAleksandar Milenkoski
The Mystery of Metador | Unpicking Mafalda’s Anti-Analysis Techniques
2022-11-07SentinelOneAleksandar Milenkoski
SocGholish Diversifies and Expands Its Malware Staging Infrastructure to Counter Defenders
2022-09-22SentinelOneAleksandar Milenkoski, Amitai Ben Shushan Ehrlich, Juan Andrés Guerrero-Saade
The Mystery of Metador | An Unattributed Threat Hiding in Telcos, ISPs, and Universities
2022-09-22SentinelOneAleksandar Milenkoski, Amitai Ben, Juan Andrés Guerrero-Saade, Shushan Ehrlich
The Mystery of Metador | An Unattributed Threat Hiding in Telcos, ISPs, and Universities
2022-09-08CybereasonAleksandar Milenkoski, Kotaro Ogino, Yuki Shibuya
Threat Analysis Report: PlugX RAT Loader Evolution
2022-09-08Sentinel LABSAleksandar Milenkoski, Jim Walter
Crimeware Trends | Ransomware Developers Turn to Intermittent Encryption to Evade Detection
AgendaCrypt Black Basta BlackCat PLAY
2022-09-01Sentinel LABSAleksandar Milenkoski, Amitai Ben Shushan Ehrlich, Juan Andrés Guerrero-Saade
The Mystery of Metador | An Unattributed Threat Hiding in Telcos, ISPs, and Universities
2022-07-21Sentinel LABSAleksandar Milenkoski, Jim Walter
LockBit 3.0 Update | Unpicking the Ransomware’s Latest Anti-Analysis and Evasion Techniques
2022-04-25CybereasonAleksandar Milenkoski, Loïc Castel, Yonatan Gidnian
THREAT ANALYSIS REPORT: SocGholish and Zloader – From Fake Updates and Installers to Owning Your Systems
2021-12-16CybereasonAleksandar Milenkoski, Kotaro Ogino
Inside the LockBit Arsenal - The StealBit Exfiltration Tool
LockBit StealBit
2021-11-09CybereasonAleksandar Milenkoski, Eli Salem
THREAT ANALYSIS REPORT: From Shatak Emails to the Conti Ransomware
Cobalt Strike Conti
2021-10-28CybereasonAleksandar Milenkoski, Brian Janower
THREAT ANALYSIS REPORT: Snake Infostealer Malware
404 Keylogger
2021-10-27CybereasonAleksandar Milenkoski, Gal Romano, Rotem Rostami
THREAT ALERT: Malicious Code Implant in the UAParser.js Library
2021-09-27CybereasonAleksandar Milenkoski
Threat Analysis Report: Inside the Destructive PYSA Ransomware
2021-09-22CybereasonAleksandar Milenkoski, Eli Salem
Threat Analysis Report: PrintNightmare and Magniber Ransomware