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2023-04-20MandiantADRIAN SANCHEZ, DANIEL SCOTT, Dimiter Andonov, Fred Plan, Jake Nicastro, JEFF JOHNSON, Marius Fodoreanu, RENATO FONTANA
3CX Software Supply Chain Compromise Initiated by a Prior Software Supply Chain Compromise; Suspected North Korean Actor Responsible
POOLRAT IconicStealer UNC4736
2022-06-13SANS ISCRenato Marinho
Translating Saitama's DNS tunneling messages
Saitama Backdoor
2021-12-28Morphus LabsRenato Marinho
Attackers are abusing MSBuild to evade defenses and implant Cobalt Strike beacons
Cobalt Strike
2020-11-03InfoSec Handlers Diary BlogRenato Marinho
Attackers Exploiting WebLogic Servers via CVE-2020-14882 to install Cobalt Strike
Cobalt Strike
2020-05-31InfoSec Handlers Diary BlogRenato Marinho
Guildma is now using Finger and Signed Binary Proxy Execution to evade defenses
2019-05-07SANS ISC InfoSec ForumsRenato
Vulnerable Apache Jenkins exploited in the wild
2017-12-06BotconfRaimir Holanda, Renato Marinho
Exploring a P2P Transient Botnet - From Discovery to Enumeration
2017-09-26ISCRenato Marinho
XPCTRA Malware Steals Banking and Digital Wallet User's Credentials
2017-08-29InfoSec Handlers Diary BlogRenato Marinho
Second Google Chrome Extension Banker Malware in Two Weeks