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2022-11-03IronNetIronNet Threat Research
Robin Banks still might be robbing your bank (part 2)
2022-07-26IronNetIronNet Threat Research
Robin Banks might be robbing your bank
2022-05-11IronNetBlake Cahen, IronNet Threat Research
Detecting a MUMMY SPIDER campaign and Emotet infection
2022-05-08IronNetBrent Eskridge, Joey Fitzpatrick, Michael Leardi
Tracking Cobalt Strike Servers Used in Cyberattacks on Ukraine
Cobalt Strike
2021-12-20IronNetBrent Eskridge, Michael Leardi, Peter Rydzynski
Detecting anomalous network traffic resulting from a successful Log4j attack
2021-11-19IronNetMorgan Demboski
Is a coordinated cyberattack brewing in the escalating Russian-Ukrainian conflict?
2021-11-16IronNetIronNet Threat Research, Joey Fitzpatrick, Morgan Demboski, Peter Rydzynski
How IronNet's Behavioral Analytics Detect REvil and Conti Ransomware
Cobalt Strike Conti IcedID REvil
2021-10-12IronNetBrett Fitzpatrick, IronNet Threat Research, Joey Fitzpatrick, Morgan Demboski, Peter Rydzynski
Continued Exploitation of CVE-2021-26084
2021-02-19Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Dominik Reichel
IronNetInjector: Turla’s New Malware Loading Tool
Agent.BTZ IronNetInjector TurlaRPC
SolarWinds/SUNBURST: Behavioral analytics and Collective Defense in action
2020-12-24IronNetAdam Hlavek
China cyber attacks: the current threat landscape
PLEAD TSCookie FlowCloud Lookback PLEAD PlugX Quasar RAT Winnti
2020-12-21IronNetAdam Hlavek, Kimberly Ortiz
Russian cyber attack campaigns and actors
WellMail elf.wellmess Agent.BTZ BlackEnergy EternalPetya Havex RAT Industroyer Ryuk Triton WellMess
2020-12-21IronNetPeter Rydzynski
SolarWinds/SUNBURST: DGA or DNS Tunneling?
2020-02-06IronNetJonathan Lepore
DNS Tunneling Series, Part 3: The Siren Song of RogueRobin
2019-09-18IronNetJonathan Lepore
Chirp of the PoisonFrog