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2024-02-08Cybercrime DiariesOleg
Russian Language Cybercriminal Forums – Analyzing The Most Active And Renowned Communities.
Raccoon RecordBreaker
2024-02-01SecuronixDen Iyzvyk, Oleg Kolesnikov, Tim Peck
Analysis and Detection of STEADY#URSA Attack Campaign Targeting Ukraine Military Dropping New Covert SUBTLE-PAWS PowerShell Backdoor
2024-01-11Cybercrime DiariesOleg
Russian Language Cybercriminal Forums - Steep Investments And Hefty Profits.
2024-01-09SecuronixDen Iyzvyk, Oleg Kolesnikov, Tim Peck
New RE#TURGENCE Attack Campaign: Turkish Hackers Target MSSQL Servers to Deliver Domain-Wide MIMIC Ransomware
Mimic Ransomware
2024-01-01Cybercrime DiariesOleg
Russian Language Cybercriminal Forums - An Excursion Into The Core Of The Underground Ecosystem.
2023-09-25SecuronixD. Iuzvyk, Oleg Kolesnikov, Tim Peck
Securonix Threat Labs Security Advisory: New STARK#VORTEX Attack Campaign: Threat Actors Use Drone Manual Lures to Deliver MerlinAgent Payloads
2023-06-28BI. ZONE Cyber Threats Research TeamOleg Skulkin
Red Wolf is back to spy on commercial firms Red Wolf is back to spy on commercial firms
2023-06-05Kaspersky LabsHaim Zigel, Oleg Kupreev
Satacom delivers browser extension that steals cryptocurrency
2023-05-12SecuronixDen Iyzvyk, Oleg Kolesnikov, Tim Peck
Ongoing MEME#4CHAN Attack/Phishing Campaign uses Meme-Filled Code to Drop XWorm Payloads
2023-04-20SecuronixDen Iyzvyk, Oleg Kolesnikov, Tim Peck
New OCX#HARVESTER Attack Campaign Leverages a Modernized More_eggs Suite to Target Victims
2022-09-26KasperskyArtem Ushkov, Haim Zigel, Oleg Kupreev
NullMixer: oodles of Trojans in a single dropper
ColdStealer DanaBot GCleaner Nullmixer PrivateLoader PseudoManuscrypt RedLine Stealer SmokeLoader Vidar
2022-09-15KasperskyOleg Kupreev
Self-spreading stealer attacks gamers via YouTube
RedLine Stealer
2022-08-19vmwareOleg Boyarchuk, Stefano Ortolani
How to Replicate Emotet Lateral Movement
2022-08-03Kaspersky LabsAlexander Gutnikov, Oleg Kupreev, Yaroslav Shmelev
DDoS attacks in Q2 2022
Altahrea Team
2022-06-29Group-IBAndrey Zhdanov, Oleg Skulkin
Fat Cats - An analysis of the BlackCat ransomware affiliate program
BlackCat BlackCat
2022-05-25vmwareOleg Boyarchuk, Stefano Ortolani
Emotet Config Redux
2022-05-16vmwareJason Zhang, Oleg Boyarchuk, Stefano Ortolani, Threat Analysis Unit
Emotet Moves to 64 bit and Updates its Loader
2022-04-05US Department of JusticeDepartment of Justice
Indictment of Dmitry Olegovich Pavlov in connection with his operation and administration of the servers used to run Hydra
2022-03-30SecuronixD. Iuzvyk, Den Iyzvyk, O. Kolesnikov, Oleg Kolesnikov, T. Peck, Tim Peck
New TACTICAL#OCTOPUS Attack Campaign Targets US Entities with Malware Bundled in Tax-Themed Documents
2022-03-29vmwareJason Zhang, Oleg Boyarchuk, Threat Analysis Unit
Emotet C2 Configuration Extraction and Analysis