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2022-02-25CrowdStrikeAdrian Liviu Arsene, Farid Hendi, william thomas
CrowdStrike Falcon Protects from New Wiper Malware Used in Ukraine Cyberattacks
2022-01-31CrowdStrikeLiviu Arsene, Sarang Sonawane
CrowdStrike Falcon Proactively Protects Against Wiper Malware as CISA Warns U.S. Companies of Potential Attacks
2021-11-17CrowdStrikeLiviu Arsene, Sarang Sonawane, Thomas Moses
Ransomware (R)evolution Plagues Organizations, But CrowdStrike Protection Never Wavers
2021-08-11CrowdStrikeLiviu Arsene
Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: 2017 Magniber Ransomware Uses PrintNightmare Vulnerability to Infect Victims in South Korea
2021-07-07CrowdStrikeKaran Sood, Liviu Arsene
How CrowdStrike Falcon Stops REvil Ransomware Used in the Kaseya Attack
2021-06-10CrowdStrikeFarid Hendi, Liviu Arsene
CrowdStrike Falcon Protects Customers from Recent COZY BEAR Sophisticated Phishing Campaign
2020-11-23BitdefenderLiviu Arsene, Radu Tudorica
TrickBot is Dead. Long Live TrickBot!
2020-11-16BitdefenderLiviu Arsene, Victor Vrabie
Dissecting a Chinese APT Targeting South Eastern Asian Government Institutions
Chinoxy FunnyDream
2020-10-15BitdefenderLiviu Arsene, Silvia Pripoae
Looking Into the Eye of the Interplanetary Storm
IPStorm IPStorm
2020-08-20BitdefenderAlexandru Maximciuc, Bogdan Rusu, Cristina Vatamanu, Liviu Arsene, Victor Vrabie
More Evidence of APT Hackers-for-Hire Usedfor Industrial Espionage
2020-06-30BitdefenderAlexandru Maximciuc, Cristina Vatamanu, Liviu Arsene, Radu Tudorica
StrongPity APT - Revealing Trojanized Tools, Working Hours and Infrastructure
2020-05-21BitdefenderBogdan Rusu, Liviu Arsene
Iranian Chafer APT Targeted Air Transportation and Government in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia
MimiKatz Remexi
2020-05-18CrowdStrikeKaran Sood, Liviu Arsene, Shaun Hurley
DarkSide Goes Dark: How CrowdStrike Falcon Customers Were Protected
DarkSide DarkSide
2020-05-13BitdefenderLiviu Arsene
Global Ransomware and Cyberattacks on Healthcare Spike during Pandemic
2020-03-26BitdefenderLiviu Arsene
Android Apps and Malware Capitalize on Coronavirus
Anubis Joker
2020-03-25BitdefenderLiviu Arsene
New Router DNS Hijacking Attacks Abuse Bitbucket to Host Infostealer
Oski Stealer
2020-03-20BitdefenderLiviu Arsene
5 Times More Coronavirus-themed Malware Reports during March
ostap HawkEye Keylogger Koadic Loki Password Stealer (PWS) Nanocore RAT Remcos
2020-03-18BitdefenderAlexandru Maximciuc, Cristina Vatamanu, Liviu Arsene, Radu Tudorica
New TrickBot Module Bruteforces RDP Connections, Targets Select Telecommunication Services in US and Hong Kong
2020-01-07BitdefenderLiviu Arsene
Hold My Beer Mirai – Spinoff Named ‘LiquorBot’ Incorporates Cryptomining
2017-10-26MacworldLiviu Arsene
Keranger: the first “in-the-wild” ransomware for Macs. But certainly not the last
2016-08-08BitdefenderLiviu Arsene
Possibly Italy-Born Android RAT Reported in China, Find Bitdefender Researchers