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2024-02-16Medium b.magnezi0xMrMagnezi
Malware Analysis — AgentTesla
Agent Tesla
2024-01-09BitSightAndré Tavares
Data Insights on AgentTesla and OriginLogger Victims
Agent Tesla OriginLogger
2024-01-08YouTube (Embee Research)Embee_research
Javascript Malware Analysis - Decoding an AgentTesla Loader
Agent Tesla
2023-09-27SecurityAffairsPierluigi Paganini
‘Ransomed.VC’ in the Spotlight – What is Known About the Ransomware Group Targeting Sony and NTT Docomo
2023-06-12NTT SecurityRintaro Koike
About PowerHarbor, a new malware used by SteelClover
2023-05-07Twitter (@embee_research)Matthew
AgentTesla - Full Loader Analysis - Resolving API Hashes Using Conditional Breakpoints
Agent Tesla
2023-04-07ElasticSalim Bitam
Attack chain leads to XWORM and AGENTTESLA
Agent Tesla XWorm
2023-03-23LogpointAnish Bogati
Emerging Threats: AgentTesla – A Review and Detection Strategies
Agent Tesla
2023-02-08NTT SecurityRyu Hiyoshi
SteelClover Attacks Distributing Malware Via Google Ads Increased
2023-01-16Difesa & SicurezzaFrancesco Bussoletti
Cybercrime, RFQ from Turkey carries AgentTesla and zgRAT
Agent Tesla zgRAT
2022-09-29NTTNTT Security Holdings Corporation
Report on APT Attacks by BlackTech
Bifrost PLEAD TSCookie Flagpro Gh0stTimes SelfMake Loader SPIDERPIG RAT
Cyberattack on State Organizations of Ukraine using the topic OK "South" and the malicious program AgentTesla (CERT-UA#4987)
Agent Tesla
2022-05-11NTT Security HoldingsNTT Security Holdings
Analysis of an Iranian APTs “E400” PowGoop Variant Reveals Dozens of Control Servers Dating Back to 2020
2022-05-11NTTRyu Hiyoshi
Operation RestyLink: Targeted attack campaign targeting Japanese companies
Cobalt Strike
2022-03-26forensicitguyTony Lambert
An AgentTesla Sample Using VBA Macros and Certutil
Agent Tesla
2022-02-06forensicitguyTony Lambert
AgentTesla From RTF Exploitation to .NET Tradecraft
Agent Tesla
2022-01-12Guillaume Orlando
Malware Analysis - AgentTesla v3
Agent Tesla
2021-12-28NTTHiroki Hada
Flagpro: The new malware used by BlackTech
2021-12-08YouTube ( DuMp-GuY TrIcKsTeR)Jiří Vinopal
Full malware analysis Work-Flow of AgentTesla Malware
Agent Tesla
2021-12-02AhnLabASEC Analysis Team
Spreading AgentTesla through more sophisticated malicious PPT
Agent Tesla