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2024-07-02SekoiaQuentin Bourgue
Exposing FakeBat loader: distribution methods and adversary infrastructure
BlackCat Royal Ransom EugenLoader Carbanak Cobalt Strike DICELOADER Gozi IcedID Lumma Stealer NetSupportManager RAT Pikabot RedLine Stealer SectopRAT Sliver SmokeLoader Vidar
Tracking Adversaries: UAC-0050, Cracking The DaVinci Code
2024-02-01SecuronixDen Iyzvyk, Oleg Kolesnikov, Tim Peck
Analysis and Detection of STEADY#URSA Attack Campaign Targeting Ukraine Military Dropping New Covert SUBTLE-PAWS PowerShell Backdoor
2024-01-09Recorded FutureInsikt Group
2023 Adversary Infrastructure Report
AsyncRAT Cobalt Strike Emotet PlugX ShadowPad
Rhysida Ransomware: History, TTPs And Adversary Emulation Plans
Rhysida Rhysida Vanilla Tempest
2023-12-11Sentinel LABSAleksandar Milenkoski, Bendik Hagen
Sandman APT | China-Based Adversaries Embrace Lua
2023-12-07Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Unit 42
Fighting Ursa Aka APT28: Illuminating a Covert Campaign
2023-11-09CrowdStrikeCounter Adversary Operations
IMPERIAL KITTEN Deploys Novel Malware Families in Middle East-Focused Operations
2023-10-31Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Daniel Frank, Tom Fakterman
Over the Kazuar’s Nest: Cracking Down on a Freshly Hatched Backdoor Used by Pensive Ursa (Aka Turla)
2023-08-26BushidoToken BlogBushidoToken
Tracking Adversaries: Scattered Spider, the BlackCat affiliate
BlackLotus POORTRY
2023-08-10CrowdStrikeCounter Adversary Operations, Ken Balint, Marco Ortisi, Nicolas Zilio
Discovering and Blocking a Zero-Day Exploit with CrowdStrike Falcon Complete: The Case of CVE-2023-36874
2023-07-12Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Unit 42
Diplomats Beware: Cloaked Ursa Phishing With a Twist
2023-07-12Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Unit 42
Diplomats Beware: Cloaked Ursa Phishing With a Twist
2023-06-23FourcoreJones Martin
Clop Ransomware: History, Timeline, And Adversary Simulation
Hypervisor Jackpotting, Part 3: Lack of Antivirus Support Opens the Door to Adversary Attacks
BlackCat SystemBC
2023-05-03METABen Nimmo, Nathaniel Gleicher
Meta’s Adversarial Threat Report, First Quarter 2023
2023-01-05AttackIQFrancis Guibernau, Ken Towne
Emulating the Highly Sophisticated North Korean Adversary Lazarus Group
MagicRAT Tiger RAT
2022-12-20Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Unit42
Russia’s Trident Ursa (aka Gamaredon APT) Cyber Conflict Operations Unwavering Since Invasion of Ukraine
Unidentified VBS 005 (Telegram Loader)
2022-09-14Seguranca InformaticaPedro Tavares
URSA trojan is back with a new dance
2022-09-01Medium michaelkoczwaraMichael Koczwara
Hunting C2/Adversaries Infrastructure with Shodan and Censys
Brute Ratel C4 Cobalt Strike Deimos GRUNT IcedID Merlin Meterpreter Nighthawk PoshC2 Sliver