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2022-10-21SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Exbyte: BlackByte Ransomware Attackers Deploy New Exfiltration Tool
2022-09-29SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Witchetty: Group Uses Updated Toolset in Attacks on Governments in Middle East
CHINACHOPPER Lookback MimiKatz PlugX Unidentified 096 (Keylogger) x4 Witchetty
2022-09-22BroadcomSymantec Threat Hunter Team
Noberus Ransomware: Darkside and BlackMatter Successor Continues to Evolve its Tactics
BlackCat BlackMatter DarkSide
2022-09-15SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Webworm: Espionage Attackers Testing and Using Older Modified RATs
9002 RAT Ghost RAT Trochilus RAT
2022-09-13SymantecThreat Hunter Team
New Wave of Espionage Activity Targets Asian Governments
MimiKatz PlugX Quasar RAT ShadowPad Trochilus RAT
2022-08-15SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Shuckworm: Russia-Linked Group Maintains Ukraine Focus
2022-06-28SymantecThreat Hunter Team, Vishal Kamble
Bumblebee: New Loader Rapidly Assuming Central Position in Cyber-crime Ecosystem
2022-06-02SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Clipminer Botnet Makes Operators at Least $1.7 Million
2022-04-27SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Stonefly: North Korea-linked Spying Operation Continues to Hit High-value Targets
Dtrack VSingle
2022-04-20SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Shuckworm: Espionage Group Continues Intense Campaign Against Ukraine
2022-04-14SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Lazarus Targets Chemical Sector
Racket Downloader
2022-04-05SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Cicada: Chinese APT Group Widens Targeting in Recent Espionage Activity
MimiKatz SodaMaster
2022-03-29SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Verblecon: Sophisticated New Loader Used in Low-level Attacks
2022-03-16SymantecSymantec Threat Hunter Team
The Ransomware Threat Landscape: What to Expect in 2022
AvosLocker BlackCat BlackMatter Conti DarkSide DoppelPaymer Emotet Hive Karma Mespinoza Nemty Squirrelwaffle VegaLocker WastedLocker Yanluowang Zeppelin
2022-03-09SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Daxin Backdoor: In-Depth Analysis, Part Two
2022-03-08SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Daxin Backdoor: In-Depth Analysis, Part One
2022-02-28SymantecThreat Hunter Team
Daxin: Stealthy Backdoor Designed for Attacks Against Hardened Networks
2022-02-24SymantecSymantec Threat Hunter Team
Ukraine: Disk-wiping Attacks Precede Russian Invasion
2022-02-03SymantecSymantec Threat Hunter Team
Antlion: Chinese APT Uses Custom Backdoor to Target Financial Institutions in Taiwan
MimiKatz xPack Antlion
2022-01-31SymantecSymantec Threat Hunter Team
Shuckworm Continues Cyber-Espionage Attacks Against Ukraine
Pteranodon Gamaredon Group