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2024-04-19YouTube (Decipher)Dan Black, Gabby Roncone, Lindsey O’Donnell-Welch
A Decade of Sandworm: Digging into APT44’s Past and Future With Mandiant
2024-04-16MandiantAlden Wahlstrom, Anton Prokopenkov, Dan Black, Dan Perez, Gabby Roncone, John Wolfram, Lexie Aytes, Nick Simonian, Ryan Hall, Tyler McLellan
APT44: Unearthing Sandworm
VPNFilter BlackEnergy CaddyWiper EternalPetya HermeticWiper Industroyer INDUSTROYER2 Olympic Destroyer PartyTicket RoarBAT Sandworm
2024-01-12MandiantDimiter Andonov, Gabby Roncone, John Wolfram, Matt Lin, Robert Wallace, Tyler McLellan
Cutting Edge: Suspected APT Targets Ivanti Connect Secure VPN in New Zero-Day Exploitation
2023-07-12MandiantDan Black, Gabby Roncone
The GRU's Disruptive Playbook
CaddyWiper INDUSTROYER2 XakNet
2023-03-30MandiantAlden Wahlstrom, Daniel Kapellmann Zafra, Gabby Roncone, Keith Lunden
Contracts Identify Cyber Operations Projects from Russian Company NTC Vulkan
2023-01-05MandiantEduardo Mattos, Gabby Roncone, John Wolfram, Sarah Hawley, Tyler McLellan
Turla: A Galaxy of Opportunity
KopiLuwak Andromeda QUIETCANARY
2021-04-28FireEyeAlden Wahlstrom, Ben Read, David Mainor, Gabby Roncone, Lee Foster, Lindsay Smith, Sam Riddell
Ghostwriter Update: Cyber Espionage Group UNC1151 Likely Conducts Ghostwriter Influence Activity
2020-07-29FireEyeDavid Mainor, Gabby Roncone, Lee Foster, Sam Riddell
'Ghostwriter' Influence Campaign: Unknown Actors Leverage Website Compromises and Fabricated Content to Push Narratives Aligned With Russian Security Interests
2020-04-22FireEyeBen Read, Gabby Roncone, John Hultquist, Sarah Jones, Scott Henderson
Vietnamese Threat Actors APT32 Targeting Wuhan Government and Chinese Ministry of Emergency Management in Latest Example of COVID-19 Related Espionage